episode 4(sana in hell)

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Sid place,
Sidharth to kush
Sid-what happen
Kush -bhai her car fell in the ditch and car blast on the spot.
Sid ......

Sid-where is Arjun
Kush -bhai he is upset so...

Sid-how irresponsible you guys are without any information how can you get her job in our office do you have any idea how much information she had collected about us shout.

Kush-we thought..
Sid-don't give me this stupid excuses .

Sana place,

Sana come back her home and look around with teary eyes,
It was empty and now her life is also become empty.

She became alone in this big world no one there for her.
Sana move to her room she look at her mom dad and Di pic.

She seat on floor and started crying loudly .
Sana-why Di why you leave me you promise me then how could you break your promise.

Sana-why you all leave me hear take me with you guys I can't survive here.

There is always her Di for Sana who protect her and took care her but suddenly her whole world change .

She is fully breakdown she hold there pic lay on floor holding the picture and crying miserably.

When someone hit on her head and she got unconscious.

Sometimes later,

Sana is getting her conscious back and open her eyes slowly she feel pain in her head .

She saw some men's are standing in front of her holding gun in there hand.

She got scared and look around this is a big whole.

Sana -who are you why I am hear in scared voice.
No one answer her .

She feel so scared tears are flowing from her eyes.

Door get open all guard get attentive Sana look at the door and find a big men stand there but she can't see his face in light reflection.

The men enter in room and sit on his king chair.
Yes he is sidharth .

Sid -yes miss sehnaaz gill what you think you and your sister can trap me the sidharth shukla.

Sana -trap with shocked voice.

Guard sir this is the things we got from her house her sister collect lot of information about you .
Guard shows that we have got all these things from Aditi such as her phone laptop, photos of her parents .

Sid open the laptop and saw the recording that Aditi shoot that day.

Sid through it in anger,

Sid move to Sana fist her hair Sana shout in pain aaaa ,

Sid-Together you two sisters want to harass me defeat me, whom no one in the whole world could have, you both was planning to caught  me .

Sana-Please leave me, I have not done anything, Di was in the police, she used to do all this, she used to walk with the truth. she have never done anything wrong, I do not know about all these things. I have never seen any footage please. Let me go .

Sid-You think i will leave you so easily i will listen to you bloody lier You deliberately bumped into my car that day, nor did you guys have a plan, then someone would definitely.

Sana -My Di never used me in her work but You people are bad people, you do wrong things. Di had never given up on people doing any wrong thing. She lived with the truth in loud tone.

Sid gets very angry. Nobody ever dares  talk in a loud voice.
Sid slap sana very hard, she falls on the other side, her whole cheek becomes heard, her she got cut her side lip and the blood ozze out .

Sid fist her hair again and put his gun on her head.
Sana cheek pain a lot sid whole fingerprint visible on her cheek.

Sid-never dare to raise your voice in front of sidharth shukla .
Sid-Now if you get a sound from your neck, then I will shoot that all bullet in your brain .

Sana take sobs and try pressed her both lip to control her pain sounds.
Sid leave her ,

Sana move back in scardness .

Guard -Sir, what can you do to this girl, then we can not leave it alive, if you tell someone something, then there will be a lot of problem and may be she knew lots of things about you.

Sid  looking at Sana who is sitting holding her cheek and tear she look fully mess.

Sid seat on his chair playing with his gun looking at her .

Sid indicate there guard ,

The hold Sana hand and take her to sid and make her seat near his feet.

Sana didn't utter a word now and tears are flowing from her eyes only.

Sid point his gun on her head ,
Sana -kill me I also want to go to my family, my father is my mother my Di all are there I also want to go please kill me holding sid feet.

All look at Sana and feel very bad to hear that small girl has no one now.

Sid move his gun to hear her words ,

Sid don't know but her tears effect him which he hate most he never think for anyone he never want by effect anyone.

Sid-Don't do this drama in front of me
What do you think I will not give you such an easy death? because of you and your sister  there is so much loss, nor who will compensate for your my losses you.

Sana look him with scary eyes
Sana -no please you kill me that satisfied you but don't give me the hell life.

Sid hold her jaw and bend to her face.
I know very well what will satisfy me. From now on, you will stay here,as a maid . You will have to suffer the punishment of your sister's mistakes.

Sana nods in no
Sid -welcome to hell miss gill .



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