episode 18

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Sana came in this

Sid saw her and move towards her,

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Sid saw her and move towards her,

I took all the clothes for her , I don't know that for the first time in my life I did something for a girl but it was none Wanted to see how it looks from to her ,how she look in my choice of these clothes and don't know it looks very beautiful.

She is Looking beautiful,her milky white skin is clearly visible on her dress.

Her bare shoulder ,her bare legs make her tempting.

Sana feel his strong gaze on her ,Sana feel so nervous to look at him .She saw his feet which is now close to her.

Sid came near her Sana is rubbing her hand in nervousness .
Sid move his hand to her face and tugged her hair behind her ear.

Sana close her eyes to feel his cold touch.

Sid observe her keenly but his eyes stuck on her birthmark which is little visible in her dress looking so beautiful art.

Sid keep his palm on her face and rub his thumb on her cheek Sana shivers and clutch her dress tightly.

Sid look this,
Sid-are you scared kitten?slow voice

Sana look at him hearing his voice ,
Sid -are you scared to being here alone with me..

Sana is fully scared but she didn't want to saw him.

Sana-n..no why I am scared I am not moving back.

Sid move towards her
Sid-OK you won't scared to being here alone with me .I can do anything here.

Sana breath hetched ,

In shukla mansion,

Kush-why he take her with him,
And he never take anyone there they why Sana .grumpy face.

Arjun-I don't know kush you ask me the same question again and again and I am fed up. Its sid choice to take her with him..

Tai hearing them and thought,


For the first time he bring someone with him to his house, then it means that he is allowing someone to come to his life, God please never separate hem, he should understand that a lot of love awakened him, understood him to love him Can't live without her.

In vikram place,

Vk-welcome deny bhai .
Deny-Look, I am not in the habit of talking twisted, it is straight, I talk to the right place, listen carefully to me, your enemy is my enemy so enemy enemy's are friend, I did not leave the person who killed my brother.

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