episode 17

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Hi kaise ho sab sorry for late update actually I become sick so that's why but now I am fine thank you all..

Sid study,

Arjun-sid what happened between you and vikarm .

He is cancel our shipment we loss cores .

Sid puffing his cigrate,
Sid-let it be let wait for sometimes that bastered himself came on my feet in anger.

Arjun-don't know what you are thinking .

Sid is fully frustrated with all those things going on he need peace .

In mansion,

Sana to herself

Sana-Di you and papa have always wished that evil ends from this world, how hard you worked to send it to jail, I will not let your hard work go to waste, I will fulfill your every dream if hr is wrong hr will have to go behind the bar.

Sana -Because after leaving, there was no reason to live, but I have also made the same thinking that I will not get rest until I complete your unfinished work, I will complete what you wanted, I worked so hard Even if I die for him, there is no sorrow, I will come back to you.


Sana is doing some work when sid suddenly came and grabbed her hand ,

Sana look at him with confused face ,
Sid pull her with him Sana follow him,

Sana-what happened where are you taking,
Sana-it costs money to speak mummer.

They came out of mansion,

Arjun-sid are you taking her also but you don't like anyone to that place .
Sana look both with confused face.

Sid-she is going with me and took care of everything I joint you on call when its needed .

Arjun move near Sana,
Arjun -take care of my little sister and don't scold her caring Sana head.

(Sid like o he took her like sister )

Sana -but where I am going tensed voice,
Sid car came ,

Sid open the door for her and make her seat in backseat and close the door.

Arjun -OK bye take care and hug him.
Sid also hug him back.

Sid seat beside her and there journey started.
It is first time Sana came out from the mansion.

Sana -where were you taking me?
Sana become angry
Sana-What is it, you does not answer my any question, i do not go,drop the car I am not going anywhere with you shout.

Sid looked at her in anger but his anger flew away when he saw her face,

Sid looked at her in anger but his anger flew away when he saw her face,

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