episode 29

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Sid is rubbing his lips on her shoulder ,Sana feel lots of butterfly in her stomach a different feelings when he touch her,

Sana breath become uneven she want to stop him but melt in his touch.
Sid look at her face which become red his eyes stuck on her lips .

He move his thumb on her lips Sana fist his T-shirt in her palm.
He press his thumb on her lower lips.

Sana -umm parted her lips looked at him,
Sid haromones is burning in desire .
Sid put his lips on her and suck her lower lip.

Sana hand automatically move in his silky hair .
She also start responding him.

Sid press her body closer kissing her softly.

He stood up taking her in his arm still maintain kissing move towards there bed.
He lay her on bed.

Sana is laying on bed sid is laying over her still kissing her.
He leave her lips trails his lips on her shoulder giving her wet kisses.

Sana don't know what to do she is fully lost in his touch.

Sid move a little down and make her top up and put his lips on her soft tummy.

He is kissing nibbling her skin .
Sana-sid....har...thhh jiii please closing her eyes rubbing her feet with him.

Sid came near her face and pick her lips.
Sid-I want you shehnaaz can I looking at her eyes.

Sana-look at his eyes which have so much love for him .
Sana-I am yours only.

Sid smile to hear her answer and kiss her again.
In just a mint the clothes shattered around the room and they make love to each other .
He mark her as his.


In morning

Sunlight peep in sidnaaz room,
Sana wake up finding herself lock in his husband arm .

She looked herself she is in his t-shirts she smile to remember there precious night.

She try to come out from his hold but his sleep got disturb.
He hug her and said while closing eyes,

Sid-sleep na bibi where you have to go this early morning.
Sana -jiii but sab..
Sid  dug his face more on him .

Sana breath became havey to feel his lips on her neck .
She try to make him aside but his shocked he start chewing her neck.
Sid ....
Sid move out his face and look at her .
Her eyes is close and breath is heavy.
Sid-near her lips you are irresistible baby.

And take her lip in searing kiss
Sana is fisting his hair.
Both break the kiss after sometimes.
Sid look at Sana .
She open her eye but hide her face in his chest.
Sid smile at his shy wife and hug her back.

Sid get up holding her in his arm and lift her up Sana hide her face in his bare chest.
He drop her in bathroom .


Sana came out wearing this,

And comb her hair standing near mirror

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And comb her hair standing near mirror.Sana look on her neck there are love bite .She touch it and remember there live night she is smiling .
Sid came wearing this

And find her wife smiling in her own world

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And find her wife smiling in her own world.
Sid came near her and slide his hand on her waist and pulled her fom back.
Sana came back in her sense.
Sid put his lip on her love bite and kiss there softly and said you are so beautiful Mrs shukla.

Sana smile turn around to him and give a kiss on his cheek hug him.
Sid look at her hairline he take the vermilion in his hand and filled her hairline.some fell on her nose.
Sana smile with teary eyes.

Sid bend a little and kiss her cute neck
Sana look at him with so much love she came to him .Sid is looking at her.
She hold his face on her small palm and stand on her toe and next movement she took his lower lip and kiss him softly .

Sid is shock by her move but next he start dominated the kiss and they love again.

They broke the kiss ,

Sid-shehnaaz thank u for trusting me giving me your precious thing ,I am blessed to have you in my life.

Sana smile,
Sana-sidharth jii let's forgot the past I want to start a beautiful life with u and our family.

But I want a promise that you leave that mafia work .I don't want anyone life in danger in our family.

Sid-I try sana its not easy leaving this world but I promise my family is never had any danger.

Sid hug her tightly,Sana hug him back.


The days are passing smoothly .
Sid and Sana become so close .They share that's all happiness together.
Sid is stopping there mafia work but still he is the boss no one has dare to stand against him.

Sana is happy she got a family they all love her a lot .Sid is become prince of her life and she is Cinderella for sidharth........😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

So here the story ended guys .Thank for love you gave to this book .

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