episode 26

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The party is over they are coming back .

Sana is thinking about sid and whatever happen between them why she effect by him.

Sana POV
Sana-the way he touch me I just don't know what happen to me I can't push him away .I fall in his touch.

Sid is just staring her and a smile kept on his lips.

All came back in shukla mansion ,


The days are passing sid fall for Sana madly .He always want to be with her .
He try to spend time with her always .
He don't know his feeling but he know he was addicted to her wife.

She is the most beautiful girl for him in the world .He never skip a movement to touch her and pull her closer.

But he hurt when Sana try to escape from him.

Sana she try to keep distance with sid she don't want to fall for him ...

But she don't know she had already fallen.

Whenever sid is near him she don't know what she feel good to have him near her .

Her heart is always want to accept the marriage but her mind always scold her and make her remember that he is a criminal.

She can't fall for him .

New day,

Sid is getting ready for office and shouting Sana name,

Sid-don't know why this girl is always run away from me.Daily she put my things that she can stay away from me.

Siya-sana what you doing sir is shouting your name .
Sana-what and she run towards there room.

Sana came inside the room and see him he is standing wearing his white shirt but button are not closed

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Sana came inside the room and see him he is standing wearing his white shirt but button are not closed.

Sana-what happen you want anything
Sid look at her and his all anger flew away to see her beautiful face.

Sid-yes close the door and come here.
Sana-jiiiii wide eyes.

Sid look at her shocked face .
Sid-come here sternly.

Sana shiver to here his authrative voice.

She close the door and move towards him slowly.
Her heartbeat is running marathon she feel lots of butterfly in her stomach.

She Stand beside him looking at floor .
Sana-you want anything with slow voice.

Sid-that shirt button .
Sana look at his shirt which button is broke.

Sana then were anything else .
Sid-no I were this only.

Sana nods and move towards drawer and took out needle and thread .

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