episode 22

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Sana shocked to see police in mansion,

But she shock the most when she sees the commissioner uncle there.

Sana look around and find all are standing with sad face .

Commissioner came near Sana and care her hair,
Commissioner -sana beti with smile.
How are you

Sana look at sid who is silent and again look at comm .
Sana -I am fine uncle but you hear.....

Sid hold Sana hand and pull her with him.

Sid seat on his king chair Sana meet tai and hug her .

Sid-have a sit officer.
Comm take a sit.

Comm-look siddharth i know we don't have any proof against you that you are in mafia so i can't do anything to you but you forcefully put Sana here which is wrong.

Sid-Who told you that she is living here forcibly she lives here with her want.

Sana look at them with confused face,

Comm-Look we have got the news that this girl has been forcibly brought here and kept.

Sid knew All this has been done by Vikram he has deliberately wanted the commissioner, know that she is hear .

And that's what he wants, once she goes out of my world, be alone and he can do what he want.

Comm-If you stop us from taking her we will file a charge sheet against you.

Sid smile sit comfortably on his chair took out his cigar and lit it he put his one leg on another and said,

Sid-she is competent and stays here of its own accord.

Comm-I want to hear this statement with her mouth.

Sid look at him in anger ,

Comm-sana don't scared I know you are simple girl didn't know about them they harm you .

Tell me what you want ,
Tai holding Sana finger Sana look at her she has fear in her eyes to lose me she don't want me to go.

Comm-don't scare sana I am hear ,
Sid -tell them sehnaaz what you want in rude voice,

His authorative voice his aura make her heartbeat fast.

Sana POV
What is this happening, how did the commissioner sir come here suddenly and why is he saying that these people have brought me forcibly how he knows that , if I go, I will be able to escape from this life here but I again managed to fall down from this situation.

Can't even let it happen, I've come to punish him I can't complete my Di any work, if I go, I have to stay hear.

Sana-no I am hear with my wants.
Sid-OK now you guys leave.

Commissioner look sid in anger he get up and came near Sana and said,

Com-You have gone mad, you are wasting your life with your own hands,

why do you have to live in this house, you know that your father and sister even lost their lives to catch these mafia for this country and you are the cause of these people.

Want to live together, believe that you are weak but you are so weak, I did not know that you, being Gill's daughter, the sister of a police, are such a girl who is so afraid, after all, what is your relationship with the people who are with you? will stay.

Why do you stay with people when you have no relationship with these people?

Thats it sid is hearing all this so long but his control broke he get up from his chair.

Sana feel so bad tears filled in her eyes she look down at floor.

Sid came beside her and hold her by shoulder.

Sid-If you want to know the relationship, then know

She is going to be Mrs Sidharth Shukla daughter-in-law of this house.

All got 440 volt jhtka kush arjun looked at him with wide eyes.
Tai eyes glitter in happiness .

Sana feel like floor slip under her feet she looked at him in shock.
She thought she hear it wrong she don't want to believe in his word.

Comm in shock -what.

Sid-I don't like to repeat my words what you heard is true tomorrow we are getting married and yes you are most invited .

He turn and move upstairs holding Sana with her she is walking with him but still in shock.

Commissioner leave the house.

Sid enter in his room and leave Sana hand .

He move forward burning a cigar,

Sana-Everything you said in front of all was a lie, facing his back.

Sid turn towards her and see her venerable eyes .

Sid-I have already told you that you are mine so what is the problem with you to accept it.

Sana came near him ,

Sana-its marriage not a joke why don't you understand we are not made for each other .

The marriage is tie knot to those person whom god has written there fate.
We are not made.......

Sid became angry to hear her words his eyes become red in anger nerves are popped out he hold her arm and pull her closer .

Sana scared to see him angry,

Sid-sidharth shukla wrote his fate by own I can do what I want if I decide we are marrying tomorrow then god also can't stop me .

Remember always that you are mine and I never let you go .

Sana tears filled in Sana eyes.sid leave her arm and move out from room.

Sana fall on her knee she don't believe how suddenly all thing got messed up she never thought in her dream that circumstances take her hear.

Sana -No he have to said This is all a lie I cannot marry him never. I never marry a mafia a murderer ,

I hate him I can't let this happened I can't and cry her heart out.

She also know that if sidharth shukla want something he had it at any cost.

Sana wipe her tears ,

Sana-no I can't cry hear only I have to Do something she thought what to do,

Sana-yes only tai can help me he care for tai a lot.

I have to said to tai to help me I can't merry him .........

She got up and move toward tai room.


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