episode 10

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Door knock,
Sid -come in

Sana came holding plate for him.
She is facing his back.

Sid-why you came again without looking at her.
Sana-how do you know that I am hear.

Because of your fragrance which attracted him so much.

Sid-never question me .
Sana-huh pata ni kitan attitude h murmuring.

Sana put the plate ,
Sana-I keep your food hear please eat.
and turn to leave.

Sid-come here.
Sana look at his back.

Sana -I just came...
Sid-I said come here.

Sana move slowly towards him and start coughing because of cigrate .
Sid look at her and crushed his cigrate.

Sana look at the ash try and her eye widen.
Sana-o god how much cigrate you smoke are you want to become sick ,don't you know its injurious for health are you mad in angry tone .

Sid raised his eyebrow and stand .
Sana look at his witty smile face and realize her tone and talk.

Sid move towards her.
Sana move back,

Sana-sorry sorry my bad I just tell all this in flow please forgot moving back.

She collide with table and going to fall when sid hold her from waist and pulled her .
Sana keep her hand on his chest .

They are so close to each other both have a eye contact.

Sid made his grip tight on her waist Sana more close to him .
She can hear his breath and he can hear her heart sounds which pounding in her chest.

He smell her fragrance which is intoxicated smell for him now.

Sid-are you scolding me looking into her eyes.
Sana shake her hard in no fastly.
Sana-no I just saying that me you and murmuring.

Sid-take out your voice I can't hear you.
Sana -no I mean I am just saying it is ingerious for health looking at his chest .

Sid -then how it matter to you are you worried for my health.

Sana didn't know what to say .
Sid bend to her and snuggled his face in her neck inhaling her sent.

Sana shocked to see him so close ,

Sid brushe his lips on her skin,
Sana close her eyes tightly she feel unknown sensation in her body when his lips touch her skin she feel lost herself.

Sid-your scent is so damn addictive kitten...
Sana came back in her sense to hear his voice and and out from his hold.

Sid look at her nervous face red crimson face.

Sana -I took food for you have it and run out from room.

Sid look at his back figure a desire build inside him

New day

The whole mansion is decorated because today is party in shukla mansion.

Sid is passing through corridor when he hears laughing sounds.

He move and find kush who is cracking his 3rd class joke and Sana Siya rimmi Arjun are laughing.

But sid eye stuck on Sana smiley face.

Kush hold Sana shoulder while laughing sid feel a pinch of jealousy .

Sid -are you guys hear for trip rude voice.
All look at sid Sana get up instantly kush also get up be side her.

Sid eyes fix on Sana.
Kush-no bro the all things are done we just check it and I am doing my work but this Arjun said me to let enjoy for sometime.

Arjun-bloody lier and leave from there Siya and rimmi also run .

Kush look all,
Kush-sale sab bhag gaye ab ye saitan is masoom se bache ka barta babaega.

Sid glare them,
Sana also think to run away and turn
Kush hold her wrist,
Kush-where are you going baby doll akela mt chod  making puppy faces.

Sid anger increase more.
Sid-kush stob blabbering and get on your work .
Kush nods and turn to leave holding Sana hand .

Sid-not you in loud tone.
Kush leave her hand Sana look at him with puppy eyes.

Kush-ab tera kya hoga sana and run.

Sana turn to him looking down to floor.
Sid move near her and hold her wrist and pull her with him .

He took her to his room ,

Sana took her hand back and blabber,

Sana-I complete my whole work wo kush I mean kushal sir tell us to seat with them.

Sid-and why he always roam around you.
Sana-he is joke making fun around .

Sid hold her wrist and pull her in his arm .
Sana look at him with wide eyes.

Sid-stay away from him get it and don't dare I see him again near you.
Sana nods.

Guard-sir designer came ,

Sid leave her waist Sana stand back making distance between them.

A girl designer came in taking lot of dresses for him .
Girl -hello sir thisis best  collection you can try .

Sid -hmm.
Sana try to leave

Sid -where are you going
Sana close her eyes tightly and turn to him.

Sid -stay hear silently.
Sana -OK sir.

Girl came near sid and wear him coat and seductively touch his chest neck and try to been closer with him.

Sid saw Sana from mirror ,
Who have no interest in them .

Sana is feeling bored she is playing with her baby finger make cute pouts .
Sana-pata ni kya try kar rahe h when he only have to wear black clothes murmuring.

Sid whole concentration on Sana cute antics.
Girl -sir did u like that.

Sid came back in his sense
Sid-what hmm its fine.

Sid-show some dresses for her,
Sana-no thanks sir I don't need anything.
Sid-I didn't ask you.

Girl -OK sir.
She saw her some dresses but didn't choose any .

Sid being irritated he look at the dress and pick one for her and give it to her .

Sana look at him ,
Sana POV,
How strange this guy he is angry with me and now buying dress for me .

If he want to give, then what is the need to make such  angry face.



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