episode 24

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The weeding is done ,

Sana is still sitting in mandap like statue she don't believe what has done with her.

She don't believe  that,
Sehnaaz gill become sehnaaz sidharth shukla now.

Sid look at her her state make his heart ache but her deception make him angry .

He leave her alone there ,

Tai-sid son where are you going,
But he is not listening to her and leave .

All didn't get why is sid so angry ,
Tai came near sana and hug her ,

Sana didn't react ,

Tai hug Sana and said,
Tai-I know he had temper issue but I don't know why he is angry.

Tai hold Sana face and kiss her forehead and smile .

Tai-but he can't angry with you all will be fine.

Tai-sia take her in sid room.
Sia nods ,

Sia took Sana with her,

Arjun and kush-yarr what's going on why sid behave so wired didn't get his anger is why.

In basement,

Sid is in his basement puffing cigar his eyes are spitting fire in anger Sana face flash infront of his eyes

Repeatedly remembers her words, he gets angry that she lied to her.He thought that she is really very good. Really she is as she looks but no she is not like that, she just lies. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


what she understands herself, did she dare to cheat  me, now see what the real anger is, how I torment her,

She hate to be my  wife but now this us her truth she has to be with me whole life.

In room,

Sana is sitting on floor near bed edge .

Sana is crying continuously she is in big trunuma she is falling herself in a big trouble .

The tears are flowing from her eyes her mind is stuck on the moment sid fill her hairline.

its midnight,

Sid came back in room and find her laying on floor.

Sid came back in room and find her laying on floor

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He move towards her firmly .

Siddhartha looks at her face. It seems that she has cried a lot. Her tears are still dry on her cheek. Seeing the tears in her eyes, there is a lot of pain in her heart. cries but today she hurts more than that when she lied to him.

Sid pov
He sit on couch looking at her face,

Sid-you hate me, you have to go away from me but you will never be able to go away from me, you will stay with me, I have written in your destiny and you are my luck because I write myself with I  wrote you with me If so, you will also have time with me

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