episode 1😈

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A beautiful morning in a house a girl is singing arti in front of god .
When she hear a sound,

Girl-are bs kar sana bagwan ji ko subh subh q paresaan kar rahi h in sleeping voice .

Yes that girl is our sehnaaz.

Sana smile and complete her puja .
Sana enter in a room and huff ,
Sana-Di(Aditi) wake up don't you have to go police station and shake her.

Aditi-ha meri ma ut gayi in irritated voice.
Sana-o meri cute Di and kiss her cheek.
Aditi smile and said sometime you are look like elder to me.

Sana -get up fast I also have to make breakfast and get ready for college today is my last day of exam .

Aditi-hmm all the best and hug her.

Sana make breakfast for both and put it on table .
Aditi came smell of food  is filled on her noses trills.
Aditi-amazing Sana what a cook you are you don't need to do any course my little sister you are born with cooking talent.

Sana-OK enough for today now seat and test it.

Aditi take a seat and take a bite,
Aditi-it is so delicious Sana I must say your husband will be so lucky.

Sana hit her arm playfully ,
Sana-stop it Di .

Both complete there breakfast and get ready .



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Sana seeing aditi dress ,

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Sana seeing aditi dress ,

Sana -di dad always used to go to the police station wearing a uniform, but since you joint the duty I never seen you wearing uniform even you told me not to tell anyone that you are a police.

Aditi get nervous on her question and think what to tell.
Sana-Di what happen

Aditi smile weirdly ,
Aditi- I am in the police but for the work that I have got I can't reveal my identity .But yes once I got my target I can proudly say that I am acp Aditi gill.

Sana-Di please don't trap trouble yourself you are the only for me in this world after mom dad .
If anything happen to you I can't survive Di and start crying.

Aditi hug her o my little baby don't worry your Di will never leave you and wipe her tears.

Sana-promise showing her hand
Aditi-promise my Cinderella .
Sana smile.

Both sister hug each other.


Scene shift

A dark basement filled with blood, weapon and lot of thing to torture any person.

There a man is tide on ice and 4 man  are beating on his back by hunter .

Man-shout in pain aaaaaaaaa leave me I don't know anything leave me.

Man-in pain voice look  I don't know anything I just became greedy for money please don't kill me I don't know anything .

Kushal-sala bolega ni
his all back become cut  blood are dripping but no one ready to stop.

A man is sitting in a king chair in front of him and playing with gun in his hand .
Man saw his finger to his guard they stop instantly .

Man-you know you have to die mishra you dare to cheat sidharth shukla .
Yes he is the mafia sidharth shukla.

Mishra-I am sorry sir please forgive me once.

Sid laugh
Sid-there is no forgiveness word in my dictionary.

Sid-then tell how police get our weapon truck who lick that information.

Man-I don't know.

Sid irritated by his answer he took the screwdriver and stabbed in his shoulder .
The man shout aaaaaaaa ,
leave me I really don't know but sid being cruel he stab it more.

But he don't answer him.

That's it sidharth shoot on his forehead the man dead on the spot.

Sidharth -arjun just clean the dirt and I want information about the person who dare to think stand against me.

Both came out from basement in a big mansion,
Shukla mansion,

It was such a huge mansion and beautiful decorated .

Sid and Arjun  enter and shake there head to see the view

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Sid and Arjun  enter and shake there head to see the view.

Kushal who is sitting on couch between two girls who feed him food with there hand.

Kush-yummy darling tumlogo ke hath se the food become more tasty.

Sid-I can't get him man how he always use this chizi line  idiot and move towards his room.

Arjun -kush mote you have came on earth for eating only.
Kush-yes with teeth showing smile.

Arjun -go get ready we have to go office also.
Kush-oho someone is very impatient to meet her girlfriend making faces.
Arjun -just shut up kush Aditi is not my girlfriend angry look.
Kush -but when I take that Aditi name.
Arjun rubbing her nape...
Arjun-I me a...mean..
Kush-why are you doing Mai Mai like goat its OK dude she is hot.
Arjun -be in your limit.

Kush- OK dude relax.

Sid came after wearing his 3 piece suit
Sid -guys get on work wearing his glasses .

Sid sit on his Lamborghini car .
All leave for office.

In commissioner place,

Com-Aditi we want proof against sidharth shukla look we can't arrest him on the basis of that  in legal weapons I know it's him but he just take 2 min to prove that this weapon are not belong to him .

Com-we need a proof which we can saw in court it is not easy to take sidharth shukla behind the bar .

Aditi-I know sir that why I joint ss enterprise with duplicate identity .
That I can know him and his move .
But he always one step ahead from us.

Com-yes and we hear that there is going to big drug deal between Sidharth and Andrew .
This is the best chance you get I give you the information and now your turn to give me proof against him.

Aditi-OK sir I will get the proof this time and leave from there .


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