episode 7

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Sid sitting in his study,

Sid pov
What has happened to you sid? You are thinking only that one girl for a girl I have nothing to do with her. That girl i can't get it out of my mind.
She is stuck on my mind.I just need to keep myself away from her.

He is busy in his thought when he hear noise from outside.

Sid get up and came in hall and shock to saw the view.
Asha tai was trying to breathe very loudly, she could not get take proper breath kush and Arjun rubbing her back .

Sid run to her ,
Sid panic  and shout call the bloody Dr you idiots .

Servant call the Dr.

A doctors team came.
Dr came and check her sid is roaming in tension.
Arjun and kush is also upset.
Sid-what happen to her suddenly ,
Kush-don't know we are eating  Sana made a dish, and she had eaten it,and suddenly she feel pain.

Sid eyes become red in anger and move down,

Sana  she was feeling very bad, seeing tai state , she herself don't know what happened to her  .

She preying to god to make her fine.
Sid saw her his anger has no control he move toward her he turn her holding her shoulder and slap her hard Sana fell on ground.

Sid fist her hair,and pull her up .
sid-she is like mother to me , if something happens to her, I will not leave you alive.

Sana-I didn't do anything
Sid hold her jaw tightly ,
Sid-don't hide your mistake giving excuse to me tell me what u mix in her food.

He hold her arm and pull her
Sana-leave me sir I am sorry I didn't so anything.
But sid is like deaf didn't hear anything he pushed her in a dark room and looked the door.

Sana -please open the door ,Don't leave me hear i'm afraid of the dark take me out please .she bang on door continuously but sid leave her there.

All servant hear her crying voice but they can't do anything.

Arjun and kush is looking to tai from window Dr is checking her .

Sid never saw his emotions to anyone he is looking at tai like statue .

Dr came out after long time .
Dr came to sid,

Sid-is she fine?
Dr -yes Mr shukla actually she get a Minor heart attack .

All become shocked .
Kush -but she is fine till now suddenly.
Dr-it happen as you know she is a heart patient .And I think she skip her medicine also that's why.

Dr-Mr shukla she is very week from inside her .

Sid -now she fine

Sid move to tai room,
He seat beside her and put his hand on her .

Tai wake up to feel his hand ,
Sid look her tai give a smile to him.
Sid-why don't you take care of yourself you know na how important you are for me.

Tai smile ,
Tai-don't worry I never leave you alone I go when I find someone for you who complete you.

Kush -aur ni to kya sidharth ke bacho ko dekhe bina todi jane wali h tai.

Tai -smile
Arjun-junior angry sid hoga phir.

All laugh .

Sid holding her finger tai take Care of yourself I can't losse you.

Tai take sid hand and planted a kiss .
Tai-I am fine sid don't worry.

Tai look all are standing at door except Sana,
Tai -where is Sana .
Arjun and kush look around
Kush-ya where is she ,

Sid remember how he lock her in store room.

Sid get up and move towards the room and open the door .

The view make his heart ache .
Sana is laying on floor and in mess state and her arm has cut and blood oozing from there.
Arjun and kush also follow him and saw Sana .

Both run to her arjun patt sana cheek but she is unconscious.
Arjun lift her and kush also hold her both take her in her room and lay her on bed .
Dr came and check Sana.

(In store room ,
Sana is continually banging on door she is scared of darkness .she fell something crawling in her feet like rat or cockroach she start running in room without seeing any things and her hand got cut by a broken glass.

She winch in pain and cry and fall on floor being unconscious)

Sid is looking all that but didn't do anything his face is still same no expression.

Arjun -what you did sid its not her fault .why are you behaving with her like a monster .
Why are you so cruel to her ?

Sid -yes I am a monster and ruthless I don't have heart .I dont need to care for her she is nothing to me and leave.

Dr clean her wound and do bandage.
Arjun and kush feel very bad for her she face all these without any fault.

Sid in his room he is very angry on himself he through all thing in floor and punch in wall in anger blood came out but he did stopped he continuously punching there .

In midnight ,

Sid is sitting on couch between broken thing like a broken soul he eyes is on celling  his blood dry on his knuckles.
Only Sana face is he saw in his eyes.

Her tears broke something inside him he knew there is nothing fault in her but why always she has to face his all anger.

He fell so much restlessness inside him .and he knew only she can give piece to him .

Sid get up and came out from his room and move towards Sana room he open the door slowly and peep inside the room.

The light of her room is still on he move inside and walk firmly towards her and find her sleeping .

Sid seat on bed edge and look at her face .
His heart ache to see her swollen cheek where he slap her.
Her tear are dry on her cheek .

Sid move his hand on her cheek and touch her cheek by his finger when Sana ..............


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Mera to bilkul ni 😣😣😣
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