episode 13

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Early Morning ,

Sana wake up  rubbing her eyes and shocked to see him.
Sid is sleeping still keeping his hand on her waist.

Sana slowly move his hand without disturbing his sleep and stand up quickly runs out of the room.

Sana enter in her room and closed the door and lean on door.

Her heart  very fast, there was a strange movement in the heart,
Sana-why did Sidhartha ji suddenly have such strange behavior, how can he made  me sleep with him, keep me in his room,

maybe tomorrow he is angry, so  he have spoken that .

From now on I will not make any mistake, I do not to stay with him, when I do not know what happens, my voice gets stuck in my throat when I am near him.

Sana took a bath and Change in this

Sana took a bath and Change in this

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She get busy in her house chorus.

Sid wakes up and opens his eyes slowly but suddenly gets angry because he wanted to see the angelic  face of beautiful girl sana first thing in the morning .

But she is not with him and he is very angry with this. how she went out of his room without asking him.

He get up in anger and freshen up and move towards his Jim area.

He gets very angry, that's why he works hard in the gym,

Siya-sana sidharth sir had asking for his coffee .
Sana think about yesterday and get nervous.

Sana-then you gave
Siya-are you crazy he order you go fast.

Sana make his coffee and move towards his room .
She took god name and knocked his door.

Sana open his door and enter sid is sitting on his couch in anger playing with gun in his hand.

Sana voice stuck to saw him ,
She look at celling
Sana-Oh God, what had I done even today that he is going to kill me, save me otherwise I am coming to you.

Sid -If you're done talking to the roof, come here anger.

Sana hear his angry voice her whole body shivering of fear, slowly, when she looks at her carefully, she does not have the courage, she looks at the ground from there and comes and stands near him, with her fear.

Sid look at her scared face and then look at his gun and understand why she is scared so much.

Actually he is just cleaning his gun and putting bullets in it when Sana came and saw him.

Sid look at her hand which is shaking holding coffee,
Sid took the cup and put it on table .

Sana turn to ops leave I mean run,

Sid hold her wrist and pull her in his lap .
Sana land on his lap and hand placed on his build chest .
There face is so close .
She look into his eyes and immediately down because he can't take his piercing gaze.

Sid hold her by waist and pull her closer.

Sid smell her fragnace and closes his eyes tries to control his anger and asks her

Sid- without asking me  how did you go out of my room .
Sana try to get up

Sid pull her closer and there body rub each other .
Sana body shivering under his touch she feel different sensation in her body.

Sid-Don't even think of running away from me, I told you that you are only mine, and you can never go away from me, I want you around me all the time, so you will be the same all the time,you have this thing in your mind and heart. take me that you are mine.

Sana look at him fear are visible in her eyes.
Sid eye stuck on her lips.

Sid -shhhh putting his finger on her lips.
Sid-call me by my name kitten .

Sana didn't know what happened to her whole body it has different effect on his touch.

Sid pull her lower lips a little.
Sid-this is soft like pestle and going to kiss her.

Sana eyes widen to see him coming closer.
Sana put her hand on his chest to stop him .
Sana-sidharthh jii please  and get up

Sid stop himself to hear his name from her mouth .

Sid took a deep breath
Sid phone ring ,

Sana took the chance and run Out .

Sid cut the call.


I can even get lonely towards this girl. I have been with thousands of girls in my life, but I have never felt so much attraction for someone as I do because I always feel attached to her that time and again. I want to go near her I think she always stay with me.

Sid leave for office and Sana is busy with tai the whole day pass.

At night ,

Kush is talking with Sana but Sana mind is on sid order.
She has to be with him.

Kush-where are you lost baby doll
Sana -nothing and smile.
Kush is talking with her holding her hand.

Sid came out from his study and saw them laughing and enjoying together .
It boil his blood in anger .

Sana look at him and get up instantly.
Kush look at sid ,
Sid-kush don't you have other work or only roaming around her is your work.

Kush -Feels so angry I thought to run away otherwise he will make my drum and run .

Sid look at Sana and move towards her .
Sana -o he came to said something
Sid ignore her word and hold her hand and pull her with him .

He took her in room and close the door .

Sid look at Sana who is standing silently.

Sid stand closer to her and put her strain hair behind her ear. 
Sana close her eyes.

Sid-why you always silent when I am with you and with others you keeps on talking so many things, but when I am with you , you never talks to me.

You always keep smile with everyone but not with me why.

Sana-because I like them.
Sid -stroking her cheek don't you like me then.

Sana look at him .
Sid -tell me.
Sana move back ,
Sana -yes I don't like you scary tone

Sid fist his hand in anger and through the vase on floor.
Sid-and its really didn't matter for me that you like me or not shout 
and move towards his bed and lay in anger.

Sana eye feel with tears.

She move towards couch and sleep on that.


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