episode 2( sidnaaz meet)

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SS Enterprise ,

Aditi reach in office and seat in her cabin.

Arjun call her in his cabin ,
Aditi-yes sir

Aditi enter in arjun cabin
Aditi-hello arjun sir.
Arjun-I told you na don't call me sir
Aditi -OK

Aditi knows a lot about Arjun and that is why she enhances her friendship so that she can reach Sidhartha.

They are talking when arjun phone ring.
Aditi notice Arjun face expression change to look at call.

Arjun-aditi if u don't mind its personal call.
Aditi -ya its fine .

Caller-Hello Arjun , mafia meeting is going to be held after tomorrow all mafia is gathering in one place.

Arjun-but sidharth already said no then who the hell want meeting.And every mafia present in one place do they know it must be dangerous.

Caller-everyone is not ready to accept it so they need meeting .

Arjun-I think some one is definitely dieing by sid hand tomorrow.
Arjun-ok done and cut the call.

Arjun door knock,
Arjun -yes
Aditi-actually I  had forgotten my phone by mistake  I came to pick that.

Arjun -OK
Aditi took her phone and enter in her cabin.

She deliberately left the phone so that he could record and listen to all the things of Arjun.

Sid in way to back is home after his boring meeting.
Sitting comfortably in his Lambargini, he was running his Mac book.
When driver give a sudden break.

Sid -what the hell bloody idiot don't you know driving.
Driver -sorry...sorry..sir a girl came suddenly in front of car in scared tone.

Sid came out from car in anger and move forward .

a girl whose  full face cover by her silky hair, she was sitting in front of the bottom of car .

Sid-Crazy girl is so fond of suicide then  come under another car and take under the train, but why my car get up.

Sid bend and hold her arm and make her stand in anger.

He is going to shout on her But his voice stuck in his throat.

She had a little puppy baby in her hand who was hurt and her long hair was waving. Her lovely sweet eyes which is looking down.Her white skin her beautiful face on which his eye stuck.

OK so the beautiful girl is sehnaaz.

Puppy winch in pain and Sana care him.
Sana -Sorry, puppy came  in front of  car, so I was in a hurry to save her.

Sid came back to hear her voice.
Sid look at puppy who is licking Sana hand .

Sana also look at puppy.

Sid-Are you crazy to die to save the dog's life? In loud tone
Sana flinch in scared.
Sana looking down Sorry but even in this we know we should help when needed he also have live.

Sid-How dare you answer me you know who i am.
Sid what the in anger
Sana didnt dare to tell a word his aura and his authority voice didn't permit it.

Sid-Don't pretend to be a good person in front of me. I know what girls like you do for money Or to harvest someone rich.

Sana feels very bad to hear his comment but didn't utter a word .
Her eye filled with tears.
Sid push her aside and leave from there.

Sid reached in his mansion he feel so much restlessness in whole journey after meeting that girl he don't know first time in his life someone tears effect him.

Sid hear voice from a room he move there and saw the view and huff.

Asha tai is not taking her and doing drama like child and maid are trying to convince her.

Sid-what's going on
Asha tai look at sid and made a angry face.

Sid came in room maid keep the tray and leave the room.

Sid-what happen tai why don't you take medicine.
Tai-I don't want to eat bitter medicine i'm all right see.
Sid-ya ya I know how much fine you are.You have seen your health, how weak u are now you are unable to walk.

Tai -vo to...
Sid-stop it tai take that medicine .
Tai-took medicine and eat making faces
Sid -good now take rest he is going to leave tai hold her hand.
Tai-How long will Sidhartha remain alone like this, you also need someone to love you, care you wait for you to whom you can share your feelings.

Sid sit besides her holding her hand.
Sid-You know how Tai girls are and why you want to ruin a life of a good girl by taking her in this hell I am fine, I am happy, I will be alone.

Tai-no  Sidharth God has made someone for you, who will make your life beautiful and change this hell in heaven.

Sid-tai do not dream with open eyes and smile.
Tai-Ok to see if someday in your life, some Cinderella will come and then you tell me.

Sid-you also become like kush only imaginary talks.
He bid her goodnight and leave.

Sana place,

Sana take puppy in her home and do her dressing and give her food.

Sana pov
I do not know who they think themselves to be, I did not have the courage to see him  and he heard me so much, it was not my fault either.

Aditi came back,

Aditi-Hey where did you get this puppy.
Sana look at her Di and smile .
Sana narrate her all story of puppy.

Aditi-Listen, you are crazy, just for the dog jumped in front of the car if something happens to you.

Sana-ofo Di , don't get started now, he has listened to me a lot anyway.
Aditi-OK sorry don't be sad .

Sid place
Sid with his parents photo,
After you guys I have no need to bring someone else into my life. I am fine alone. I will never let anyone come into my life.Because they can makes me Weak and I don't want any weakness in my life.

Sid is laying on his king size bed .
He remember tai talks and
Only Sana face come in his mind again and again.

Sid -why this girl not leave my head I need a relaxation I think a girl.
And for his relaxation he move to his Mistress rooms .

Promo-Aditi is happy finally she  get the proof but........😈😈😈😈


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