episode 15

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Siddharth takes Shehnaaz to his room and makes him stand up,
He gets very angry, his eyes keep turning red on anger ,

Sid-you don't have a brain, gadhi,why you always invite problem for yourself  when you do not know how to swim, what was the need to jump in pool.
What if something happen to you loud tone.

Sana look at him he is shouting but his eyes have only anxiety for her.

Sana -I didn't do intentionally fall by mistake soft shivering voice.

Sid control his anger,

Because Sana is shivering from cold she is rubbing her hand around her arm and covering herself.

Sid took her hand and move towards bathroom ,make her stand .

Sid-change quickly or else it will get cold and you become sick .
Sid move towards his closet and took a T-shirt and give it to her ,and closed the door before she say something.

Sid also change in adjacent bathroom and sit on bed , hanging his legs on floor.


He only flashes of Sana who is laying lifeless in his at  only that time it seemed to him that someone had snatched his life and when he came to his senses, someone returned from his breath back never for anyone Didn't fell like this but now he knew it so much that she is as important for him as breathing.

He remembers Tai's words that someone will come in your life who will be more important for you than you, then if you want to do everything for him, then you will never let anything happen to her who will come in your life, she will be your Cinderella.

Sid thought broke by hearing the door open  sound .

Sid seat on bed.
Sana came out from bathroom pulling her T-shirt which come on her mid thigh .

Sid mouth get open to see her in this

Sid -She doesn't even know how beautiful she was looking, how hot she was looking, but she was also looking cute, he hair is still wet make her more beautiful  she was pulling the t-shirt  .Her bare milky legs turned me super on .
I just want to take her in my arm.

Sid -indicate Sana by his finger to come hear.

Sana fell her heart is thmobing  on her chest and came out anytime.

Sana move towards him firmly and stand near him looking at floor.

Sana-Thank you, you saved my life,
Well my life is not so important for anyone, I have no one in this world for whom I live or who lives for me

Now I don't have  greed to live long and no more love to myself but still you save me thank you .

Sid fist his hand in anger to hear her word

Sid hold her wrist and pull her in his lap .

Sid hold her wrist and pull her in his lap

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