episode 11

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The party get started in shukla mansion ,

Sid all business coleuge and some mafias are also available in party.

Hello my friend Mr friend,a voice came from back .
Sid turn and a raise his eyebrows,
Sid-we are not friend randhawa.

New character

Vikram randhawa - age 30 he is also a mafia and business tykoon but no 2 yes he always came no 2 in all area .

Because the no1 is sidharth shukla.
He hate sid so much always try to became first but never won .

He is a kind of man who is sweet in fornt of your face.

Sid knew everything about him.
But they can't fight each other because  both of them have invested a lot of shares in each other's business.


Vk-If friends are not right then business partners are right .Congratulations you have got the business number one award again
With fake smile.

Sid-It's not a big deal for me and it's not a new thing, yes, but you must have got a little bit of trouble winning smile.

Vk give him irritated look.
Kush-Hey Randhawa ji welcome to our success party.

Vk hmm
Kush-Hey, what are you standing empty handed, hold the drink yarr and our victory is yours lose  both celebrate together.

Sid smile.
Vk give him a angry look.
Vk-Brother, what is the matter nowadays, even the spoons are talking a lot.

Arjun-you lick the soles of the spoon, we give our lives for our brother.

Sid smile and hug Arjun and kush.
Kush -I have to break this idiot mouth someday.

Sid -just enjoy the party guys.
Vk looking at stair what a beauty.

Sid look all the men look at stair with open mouth.
He turn and everything froze there.

Sana is standing on stair in this.

Sid POVAs soon as I looked back, I thought,I am standing in front of a beautiful angel like Cinderella

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As soon as I looked back, I thought,I am standing in front of a beautiful angel like Cinderella.
she is looking effortlessly beautiful.
After years, it seemed as if my heart is beating , I could hear my own heartbeat.
My eyes stuck on her beauty her

Her red red cheeks Her  lovely eyes The one who looks like the sea Wants to die by drowning in them Her petal lips which looked even more beautiful  .

But sid thought broke when he realize everyone eyes on her .
He look at them with angry eyes.

Sid look at kush who move towards her with opening mouth .

Sid fist his hand in anger.

Kush stand near Sana
Kush-dude you are looking ruckus,
Kush -I mean beautiful u r looking beautiful.

Sana-really I look fine know I mean all  looking like this.
I feel very wired.

Kush -leave them look at me how I am looking wearing his goggles.

Sana-Everything else is fine, but why is this owl wearing straight glasses you wear in the dark?and smile.

Kush took out the google and make a grumpy face .

Sana-aww don't be sad now you are looking good.

Kush smile and give his hand to her ,
Sana hold his hand and came down .

Sana is smiling with kush and suddenly her eye land on sid who is standing with Red angry eyes fisting his hand .

Sana smile flew away she look at sid eye direction which is in her hand which held by kush.

She instantly pulled her hand back and look down.

Vk came in front of Sana,

Vk-It is said that there is a stain in the moon but you are pure moon.
Such a beauty you are .
May I know the name of this beautiful lady.

Sana get scared  she is rubbing her hand in nervousness .

Kush-she is shenaaz .
Vk-such a beautiful name and move towards her.

Sid stand in front of Sana facing his back.

Sid-enjoy the party vikarm kush get him something.

Kush -sure bro,
Vikram look at sana but she hide herself sid back.

Vikram leave with kush ,

Sid fist his hand in anger.

Sid hold Sana wrist and took her in front of him .
Sana look at him gulping her Silva.

Sid all anger flew to look her beautiful face.
Sid pulled her hand and make her closer.

Sid-stay hear quietly and no need to talk with anyone get it.
Sana nods

Sid is busy with guest Sana stand with Siya and rimmi.
Tai enjoying the party sitting in a corner.

Kush-hello brothers and their sisters,
I hope you enjoyed the party so let's rock on stage now ,
DJ .........

All boys and girls started dancing like maniac.

Sana is laughing looking at them.
Sid look at Sana and a instant smile kept on his lips.

The song change in a romantic song ,
Kush came near Sana,
Kush- Come Baby Doll let's dance

sana look at sid who is spitting fire from his eyes .
Sana-no I didn't want

But he didn't listen anything and pull her to the stage.

Sid is burning in fire inside.
Kush hold Sana hand and move on song but Sana feel scared to sid she didn't move a bit.

Kush -what happen,
Sana nothing ,

Kush pull her and hold her waist .
That's it sid anger raised his eyes become red and nerves are popping out he drink his glass and move towards them.

Kush move her with music and he swirls Sana .
But in a movement sid hold her hand from other side and pulled her.

Sana land on his arm and he hold her waist tightly.
Kush look at her empty finger,

Kush-sala apna to nasib hi karab h and move out.

Sana stand properly band try to come out .
Sid -make his grip tight and pull her more closer.

Both face so close .

All start hooting to saw sid on dance stage.All saw by tai also .

Song play
Taroon ke sahar me.

Sid put her one hand on his shoulder and took one in his hand .
They slowly start moving in rhythm.

Both are looking at each other eyes.
Sid swirl her and hug her from back.
Both lost in there own world.

Sid put his face in her neck and brush his lips on her skin.
Sid close her eyes and hold his hand which rested on her waist.

Sid smell her fragrance,
Sid-I said na stay away with him and turn her in his arm.

Sans looking at him,
Sana-I didn't said anything he took me there with puppy eyes.

Sid melt to see her eyes.
Sid-you are looking beautiful ,
Sana get shocked to hear him.

Dance get over ,all start clapping for them except vikram😈😈😈😈😈



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