episode 14

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Today again when siddharth wakes up, he is not in the ceremony, he gets very angry because she never listens to him, he throw the pillow on floor.

Sid-What has happened to me, why I have running behind a girl, I am shedding so much, that is why she showing so much attitude, now I will not even going to saw her once.

2 days have passed, no one talks in Sid and Sana , he lives separately and now not having food with her hand and never talk to her.

But in these days, Sidhartha's eyes are  on her even for a moment that he has always found that she is very happy with others, talks with everyone.she  is happy with .
But whenever she saw me her smile faded away.

I hate that I also want to see her smile for me she talks with me  .


Today is a holiday, so everyone is sitting at home, enjoying,
Kush  making everyone laugh with their lousy jokes, after that all of them laugh .
Arjun runs his phone, does his work and Siddharth is sitting also busy in his work.

Tai and sana siya are roaming outside of mansion tai on her wheelchair.

Tai to sana
Tai-don't know what has happened to Sidharth these days,he don't talk to anyone, eat or drink, mostly stay in his  room did you know anything.

Sana heart pounding in her chest to hear his name
Sana think about there conversation and his anger.

Sana-I don't know tai ji may be work pressure and try to avoid his topic.

Siya -oh I thought sir is really flat on you.
Tai laugh

Sana become red
Sana -siya ki bachii tu ruk and she star running behind her.

Tai is laughing seeing the girl .

Siya run around pool area Sana also run behind her but suddenly her leg slip and she fall on pool.

Siya run around pool area Sana also run behind her but suddenly her leg slip and she fall on pool

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Siya  start laughing .
Siya -you had gone to catch me,  herself fell laughing holding her stomach.

But her smile flew away.when she find Sana is struggling in water to come out.

Sana has water fear she don't know how to swim .

Tai saw that and shocked to see Sana
She start shoting for help.

Siya eyes filled with tears.

Siya also don't know how to swim .
Siya -Sana try to come out Sana I am I didn't know.

Tai-sid ,arjun ,kush she shout continuously.

Sid hear her shout and run outside panic.
Kush and Arjun also run.

Sid look at tai and run to her,
Sid-what happen tai are you OK

Tai show her finger with crying.
Sid look at the direction and shocked to see Sana in pool .

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