episode 5

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Guards took Sana in mansion ,
Sans is fully broke inside she just follow them.

Kush &Arjun look at Sana ,

Sid announce,
Sid-This is the new housekeeper of our House .

This girl will do all the household work, if anyone thinks of helping her, she will tell her what will happen.

Sid to Sana,
Sid-You will not be able to run away from here, but if you try to run even once, then you will know what will be your result.

Sana seat on his feet,

Sana-I didn't do anything I don't know about you anything never saw any video I swear to my parents .

I can't leave hear you want to kill me then do it ,but please don't do this .
and crying holding his feet.

Sana-I never said anyone about you please live me .

All the maid are become emotional to see Sana state she look really naïve girl who don't know anything.

Sid -take her and make her understand the work and leave Sana crying on floor.

The maid take Sana with her ,she is crying continue.

Sid smoking cigrate in his mansion office.

Arjun and kush came,

Arjun-sid she is very small how she do all work and may be she is saying truth she don't know anything.

Kush also feel the same.

Sid-I know what I am doing I am not a fool who melt on her tears ,she knew everything I know and I never free her .

Rimmi,siya,the maid who take Sana to a room and make her seat they are same age as Sana.
They feel bad for Sana .

Siya-I know you are not in condition of doing any work.
But we cannot deny the work of Sir.

Siya -your name.
Sana look at the girl and said sehnaaz,

Sid room,

Sid is laying on his king size bed hanging his feet on floor.

Sidharth felt so restless inside, his mind have only Sana crying face  and again, her  eyes, her condition revolve in his head.

When I do not have a heart, why is there so much pain in this heart today, why the face of that girl is coming in front of me again and again, it is her fault, it is the fault of her sister, so she is facing the punishment. It is common, yet why feel so different today that I am not able to see his weeping face.

Sid- I  do not want to be weak not like others, I  know how girls are. They deliberately show others to themselves that we are very innocent, they have done nothing but they have done all that.

Just like she had a sister, she would be like that too. Her sister had trapped Arjun in his love for just reach her target they are shameless.

Sid-I think I need to maintain distance with her.

New morning in Sana life,

Siya and rimmi make sana wake up as per sid order she has to do all work.

Sana wake up she is very weak her cheek is still paining a lot but she made herself strong and get up .

Siya take her to kitchen and saw her everything and leave because they can't help her.

Sana eye filled with tears she remember how her Di and she enjoyed there morning breakfast a lone tear skip from her eyes .

It been a week Sana ,

Sana had been living in this house for week, she slowly got to know everyone she is now accept her fate she have to stay hear.

But something good also happen with her arjun and kush who always try to make her happy and help her and asha tai who love her like a daughter.

But she never came in front of sid she even fear his voice also .

Asha tai room ,

Sana make her feed soup Sana care her and tai love her so much.

Tai-Sana really magic in your hand sipping her soup.

Sana smile

Tai-I know Sana you lost your everything but why you always been so sad bacha.

Sana eye filled with tears.
Tai hug her she also feel sad for her loss.

Sid office,

Sid is playing with paper weight and think about Sana .

Its been a week she is doing everything alone complete her punishment .But she never came in front of me .
I also want the same but I don't know my heart restlessness is much more to saw her face.

Whenever I saw her a small sight also it feel my heart relief.
That all feeling really irritated me.

In night,

Sid came back Sana is putting plates on table when she hear sid foot sound,
She try to escape from his eye sight she run instantly in kitchen.

Sid saw this he really didn't like this his eye become red in anger.

Kush-Seeing sid, she runs like she saw some ghost and laugh.
Sid glare him.

Sid move to his room in anger.
Arjun -kush keep your mouth shut sometimes.

Both seat for eating food but sid didn't came kush and Arjun have there food.

Sana cleaning the utensils when Arjun came and stand beside her.

Arjun treat her like a small sister.

Arjun-Sana  listen to me I had to say something.

Sana turn to him and nods.
Arjun-look Sana I know you fear from sidharth and I understand that
But trust me Sana he is not bad .

Sana look down.

Arjun cares her hair,
Arjun-look Sana I said all this because of your reaction today he get angry and didn't have his food also.

Its OK if you don't want to came in front of her but don't make him angry also .

Sana didn't said anything still looking at floor Arjun smile and leave.

Sana feel bad because of her he sleep empty stomach .
But she also didn't have power to face him.

She gather some courage and make food try for him.
and knocked on his door.



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