Part 14

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こんにちわ! (or hi) lol ❤️

So I've been trying to teach myself Japanese now bc like us know 5sos are in Japan and keep freaking tweeting in Japanese so I figured why not 😂
Also bc I already speak Chinese so it's pretty easy for me 🌞

And omg luke looks so adorable I just love it

Anyway.... Onn with the horoscopes ✌️

Who takes you to Japan ? ✈️🇯🇵🐼 (bc why not)

Aries ~ Calum

Taurus ~ Luke

Gemini ~ Ashton

Cancer ~ Michael

Leo ~ Michael

Virgo ~ Ashton

Libra ~ Calum

Scorpio ~ Luke

Sagittarius ~ Michael

Capricorn ~ Calum

Aquarius ~ Ashton

Pisces ~ Luke

So what did you get? 🐼
I got Ash ❤️

Random question.. Do you think it's okay to have your phone taken at school?

Ha no bc like today my friends were at my locker using my phone (like always n I never care) and the freaking principle comes and takes my phone from them like wtf. So here at the end of the day I have no clue who is picking me up bc I didn't have a phone to check who it was..? Also I think she was secretly using it bc when she gave it to me it was unlocked..... 😁

Btw I love how I tell you guys like everything about my life 😂😂

Haha ily 😂❤️✌️😍

QOTC: Have you ever been to Japan ?? 🇯🇵

Me- No, but I've wanted to ever since I was little and watched that icarly episode where they went to Japan ? Am I the only one who remembers that 😂?

2nd QOTC: what languages do you speak?

Me- English (obviously) , Chinese, and now a little Japanese 🌞❤️🐼

Thanks for almost 2 freakin K loves xx 😘

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