Part 42?

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Hello beautiful people all around the world! X

I'm in such a good mood rn bc I just logged on to wattpad and realized I reached 71K!!! That freaking amazing I love youuu.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, since schools been out, I've been with friends and shit.

Btw the photo at the top ^ was created by mee lol I just really liked it idek.

Anywayyyyy I'm not gonna vote you with my life any longer here we go.

Who's your cuddly buddy x

Aries- Ashton

Taurus- Luke

Gemini- Michael

Cancer- Ashton

Leo- Ashton

Virgo- Calum

Libra- Luke


Saggitarius- Luke

Capricorn- Ashton

Aquarius- Calum

Pices- Michael

So who'd yah get?
I got calum hehe

So how are you guys doing I miss you!!

I'll try to be consistent with updates from now on, I'm thinking every other day? Unless I get a ton of votes and comments then I'll update everyday bc I'll start to feel bad xD.

QOTC: what's your favorite book on wattpad? Well favorites I know it's really hard to choose.

My answers: Well I have a ton but specifically friendzoned by larry_lashton, close as strangers by lashtonvevo, fix me by goddessofaphrodite, and purity rings by larry_lashton. those are just some lol.

Thank you for 71 K again I feel like crying :') this means so much I love you all

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