Part 96:

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Hey hi hello!

I just posted a cover of me singing the 5sos cover of drown by BMTH! It's on my YouTube channel (Alyssa Allwein) if yah wanna go check that out? Pleaseeeee pretty please I want feed back haha.

Who you go away with for the weekend?

Aries 》Luke

Taurus 》Calum

Gemini 》Michael

Cancer 》Ashton

Leo 》Michael

Virgo 》Luke

Libra 》Ashton

Scorpio 》Calum

Sagittarius 》Ashton

Capricorn 》Luke

Aquarius 》Michael

Pisces 》Michael

Christmas is in 13 (soon to be 12) days I'm so happy!!

I mean if any of you wanna gift me some albums on iTunes if be fine with that (I'm totally kidding I could never ask you people to buy me stuff xD)

How many of you guys celebrate Christmas?

QOTC: What's your favorite holiday?

Me- Christmas lolol.

2QOTC: When's your birthday?

Me- January 29th (it's so close!) Im going to be 15 :)

Make sure to check out my cover and comment your opinions! Thank you mwahh! :*

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