Part 61:

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What movie you and your fav watch

Aries 》Not cool

Taurus 》Mean Girls

Gemini 》Paper towns

Cancer 》San Andreas

Leo 》Titanic

Virgo 》Mean Girls 2

Libra 》The Fault in Our Stars

Scorpio 》Romeo and Juliet

Sagittarius 》Insidious 3

Capricorn 》Sinister

Aquarius 》Neighbors

Pisces 》The purge

So what did you guys get?
I got neighbors lol

Soooo teen choice awards tonight!! Who's excited??

I was thinking about doing a you now either after the show or tomorrow idk would anyone even watch? XD

Comment 'yes' if you would lol

If I get enough comments and decide to do one I'll update and put the info in the a/n

Wishing the best of luck out to our sunshines tonight!

Love you all! Byeee.

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