Part 101:

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#happyinternetfriendsday !! Hope you're all having an amazing day! x

I uploaded a new edit on YouTube! It's to the song doubt by Twenty Øne Piløts. So if you could go watch that and give it a big thumbs up that'd be great! (It's also at the top/ side of this chapter)

  \\ Please read A/N at the end x //

Who invites you to their first ever SLFL show?

Aries 》Luke

Taurus 》Luke

Gemini 》Michael

Cancer 》Luke

Leo 》Ashton

Virgo 》Calum

Libra 》Ashton

Scorpio 》Calum

Sagittarius 》Michael

Capricorn 》Michael

Aquarius 》Calum

Pisces 》Ashton


I'm not gonna make any excuses, but I'm sorry for not updating in almost 2 months guys :(

Little update on my life lol cause a lot has happened since I last updated

Sooo I just turned 15 (finally) XD

Ohh and last weekend, I had one of the best nights of my life! (Besides ROWYSO Hershey ofc) so anyway, I'm in this art club at school with a bunch of really cool people. We recently had an art show at a café last Friday, and my friend and I got to sing a cover of Jet Black Heart! It was amazing! Just the feeling of finally conquering my stage fright and getting up on stage to sing in front of about 50 people was just so surreal. I loved it!!

Also, A lot of you guys have been texting me and telling me how you're such big fans and I wanted to say thank you thank you thank you! I didn't know I had fans omg XD

Also, this book is at 399k! This makes me want to cry!! I feel bad because I was on an updating break and I came back to over 50k more reads that I previously had O.o that's crazy!

Alsoooo, I'm thinking of doing some YouTube videos! So if you guys could comment what challenges you'd want or any covers you'd like me to sing, that would be great!!

Last thing, Who's excited for SLFL to start????

Meeee but these dorks haven't leaked the setlist yet :(

So that's what inspired my QOTC lol

QOTC: Design your dream setlist for SLFL

Only rules are, it must be 15 songs or less and include an encore. Everything else you decide!

Thank you again for 399k views ig Wattpad calls them now haha, ily babes!

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