Part 37

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Heyy guys long time no talk hehe.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there.

(Expect a few more updates today since I haven't been updating that often)

Also I have a mini announcement @ the end of this chapter, part whatever you want to call it.

I decided to change this one up a bit and do something a little different

This is a would you rather 😊

(Btw sorry if your reading this and I took an idea from you I read tons of these books and these ideas are just popping in my head rn)

Comment all your answers in curious !

Would you rather

Marry Ashton
Marry Luke

Have a lazy day with Michael
Have a lazy day with Calum

Fuck Ashton
Fuck Calum

Let Ashton dye your hair
Let Luke dye your hair

Have Michael fall in love with you
Ashton fall in love with you

Fuck luke but never be able to speak to him
Or marry calum but never get intimate with him

Let Michael paint your nails
Let Calum paint your nails

Be best friends with Calum
Be best friends with Luke

Get friend zoned by Ashton
Get friend zoned by Michael

Be friends with benefits with Luke
Be friends with benefits with Ashton

Go to prom with Calum
Go to prom with Luke

Sing a duet with Luke
Sing a duet with Ashton

Go surfing with Luke
Go surfing with Ashton

M'kay that's it for the would you rathers I'll do more in the future.

Anyway on with the horoscopes now.
Hehe 2pts bc you guys are amazing.

Who you take a road trip to the beach with.

Aries- Ashton

Taurus- Luke

Gemini- Calum

Cancer- Luke

Leo- Michael

Virgo- Michael

Libra- Calum


Saggitarius- Luke

Capricorn- Calum

Aquarius- Ashton

Pices- Michael

So anyway here's the mini announcement that doesn't really benefit you guys but anyway

I checked on my computer and saw that my book reached #411 in teen fiction!!

That's freaking amazing to me like out of the thousands of books on there and mines in the 400s.

It doesn't seem like that big of an accomplishment but it is to me so thank you guys so much for reading this I hope I can keep updating and get this up to the 100s of possible 😘

I've also been getting tons of super nice messages and comments from people on here and they really make my day ty guys so much ily.

QOTC: Where are you from?

I was also looking yesterday and found out that I can see where all my readers are from

(Don't worry lol not the exact location or even which reader is from where it just highlights the countries in blue)

I found out I have readers from like all across the world Korea, France, japan, Portugal, brazil, Australia, the UK and so many more. It's so cool ❤️

Anyway Ty again for getting me to # 411 and for almost 40k reads! Lu

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