Part 97:

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Sunday, 13th December 2015 12:05 am

Dedication: Jessica_T2002 because it's her birthday here in America!! Happy birthday and thank you for reading beautiful! <3

Who takes you to a club?

Aries 》Calum

Taurus 》Michael

Gemini 》Calum

Cancer 》Calum

Leo 》Ashton

Virgo 》Michael

Libra 》Luke

Scorpio 》Michael

Sagittarius 》Ashton

Capricorn 》Ashton

Aquarius 》Luke

Pisces 》Luke

So I'm gonna try and start updating everyday now lol because you guys deserve the best <3

QOTC: Do you have any siblings?

Me- Yes, I'm the oldest :( I have a brother (13) and a sister (8)


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