Part 21:

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This picture made me cry and idk why I'm so emotional lately 😭😭^^

Anyway.. Who will always have your back no matter what ❤️ (your rod)

Aries 》Luke

Taurus 》Calum

Gemini 》Ashton

Cancer 》Michael

Leo 》Luke

Virgo 》Calum

Libra 》Ashton

Scorpio 》Michael

Sagittarius 》Luke

Capricorn 》Calum

Aquarius 》Ashton

Pisces 》Michael

Literally tonight, I just wanna curl up in bed and read fanfictions all night bc I'm so done with people's bs on Twitter. I lost all my respect for 5h tonight bc literally everyone of their fans are bashing 5sos. They don't even freaking know them personally but yet they can hate on them through an alias on social media? Pathetic.
You don't see any of 5sos fans saying shit about them. seriously grow up! Then 5H doesn't even say anything to their fans wtf. Your fans are literally bashing people through the Internet just to win a stupid award. (Not that IDC about the award but still lol) Telling 5sos fans to cut deeper? Yeah the only thing I'll be cutting into is cake. Kay bye

Lol sorry if I keep talking about that it just makes me mad, and ik you guys will listen to my problems bc yall are amazing ❤️😂

I realized I forgot to do the question of the chapter lately lol but..

QOTC: what's your fav song atm?

Me: I don't have one I can never pick just one song 🙈

I literally gained 50+ votes and 30+ comments since I've been home from school and over 200 reads you guys are the best ily❤️

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