Part 93:

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#4YEARSOF5SOS OH MY GOD!!! Guys since its 5sos's birthday and I'm staying home from school today I'm going to make this part extra long for y'all :)

Also if you could there's an important note at the very end of this so you should make sure to read till the end <3

Who throws you a surprise birthday party?

Aries 》Michael

Taurus 》Calum

Gemini 》ashton

Cancer 》Luke

Leo 》Ashton

Virgo 》Luke

Libra 》Calum

Scorpio 》Ashton

Sagittarius 》your fav

Capricorn 》Calum

Aquarius 》All of them

Pisces 》Michael

His favorite thing about you (I might have done this already I'm sorry if I did

Aries 》Luke; Your eyes

Taurus 》Ashton; your smile

Gemini 》Luke; your hair

Cancer 》Calum; your personality

Leo 》Ashton; Your generosity

Virgo 》Luke; everything <3

Libra 》Ashton; your dimples (if you have any, if not - your smile)

Scorpio 》Calum; your nose

Sagittarius 》Michael; your kisses

Capricorn 》ashton; your hugs

Aquarius 》Ashton; your laugh

Pisces 》Calum; your voice

Who you sit by the fire and roast marshmallows with?
(Tbh I hate marshmallows but whatever XD)

Aries 》Calum

Taurus 》Calum

Gemini 》Michael

Cancer 》Ashton

Leo 》Luke

Virgo 》Ashton

Libra 》Michael

Scorpio 》Luke

Sagittarius 》Ashton

Capricorn 》Calum

Aquarius 》Michael

Pisces 》Luke

Would you rather??

Spend Christmas with Muke
Spend Christmas with Cashton?

Go Black Friday shopping with Ashton
Go Black Friday shopping with Michael?

Get drunk with Cake
Get drunk with Mashton?
(I know most people put to get high with them as an option but I'm totally against drugs so...)

Spend 2 days with your fav
Spend the day with 4/4?

Spend Christmas with 4/4 in Aussie
Spend Christmas with 4/4 in America?

Sing San Francisco with Michael
Sing Catch Fire with Luke?

Make Out with Ashton
Make out with Calum?

Play Michaels guitar on stage
Play Calum's bass on stage?

Luke ask you to be his girlfriend
Ashton ask you to be his girlfriend?

Sing castaway with Luke
Sing outerspace/ carry on with Calum?

Okay so these are going to be sort of like polls on Twitter, I'll give you a scenario and you comment next to the boy you want for that. Sort of like making your own horoscopes lol

Who would you want to spend Christmas with?

Netflix and chill with...

Have a snowball fight with..

So that's just about it for this chapter. Hope you liked it? If not oh well I guess sorry I tried my best :p

This QOTC is going to be a bit different I only want you to reply with a simple 'yes' or 'no' also you can not comment on anyone else's with hatred because it's their opinion.

QOTC: Do you or do you not like Arzaylea?
Me - No (sorry)

I love you all so much <3 I wanted to thank you so much for reading because it really means a lot to me. Also thank you to the people who have messaged me nice things on my social media or Wattpad dms nice things about the book, they really make my day I'm not going to lie (you know who you are) So I just wanted to say thank you guys because I don't do it nearly enough.

I haven't checked my reads today but I think I'm pretty close to 300k THATS INSANE!!!

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