Part 32:

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Hope you're having a great day 💕

Who you hang out with on Easter

Aries 》mashton

Taurus 》cake

Gemini 》Cashton

Cancer 》Muke

Leo 》Lashton

Virgo 》malum

Libra 》cake

Scorpio 》mashton

Sagittarius 》lashton

Capricorn 》malum

Aquarius 》Cashton

Pisces 》Muke

So what did you get?

I got Cashton 😊

I'm almost at 10K!!

Okay so get this, I was on Twitter today ( which btw my Twitter name is @alyssaallwein ) and I was added into a group chat with like 20 people from the fam and we all started taking about a worldwide national meetup! I thought it was a great idea.

So if you want to help set up, comment or message me for my number.

We figured we are going to need at least a year to plan this and we need to fundraiser like hell to get to fly everyone out.

We planned to have it where derp con was held! So if any of you have a follow from the boys on Twitter contact me so we can get this to happen. They could possibly help us.

Anyway I'm super excited and I really hope we can pull this off.

Comment or message me if you want to help plzzz thanks loves ily som much 💕💕

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