Part 52:

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Who confesses his love for you on stage? ❤️

Aries- Michael

Taurus- Ashton

Gemini- Calum

Cancer- Your fav 😊

Leo- Luke

Virgo- Ashton

Libra- Calum

Scorpio- Michael

Saggitarius- Luke

Capricorn- Calum

Aquarius- Luke

Pices- Your choice

Notice I added a few little extras like your fav in there, I think I'll keep doing that idk lol

I just felt like updating cuz I'm so happy I've reached over 100k it's amazing and I have over 5k votes and comments 😭❤️

QOTC: are you single or taken (lol idk) 😂

Me- single aha 😂 I feel like if I got a bf I would compare everything he does to someone in 5sos lmao. I mean I've had boyfriends before but that was before I joined the fandom lmfao.

Love you all byeee

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