Part 90:

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate this picture?


Who you make out with after the concert?

Aries 》Luke

Taurus 》Ashton

Gemini 》Michael

Cancer 》Michael


Virgo 》Ashton

Libra 》Luke

Scorpio 》Luke

Sagittarius 》CALUM

Capricorn 》Michael

Aquarius 》CALUM

Pisces 》Ashton

I updated like I promised :*

Thank you guys so much for all your comments on the last part! I got about 30 which is plenty!! I'm really sorry if I don't end up using yours, I'll try my best to include it. I might have to shorten some of them a little because some were really long and deep and sweet and awee! I love you guys :)

I'm going to start working on it tonight, I'll keep you posted!!

QOTC: What's your favorite song 5sos play live?

Me- I really like Long Way Home and American Idiot <333

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