Part 25:

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So this chapter (and my final chapter tonight) is going to be a most likely to.

I'll pick a scenario and you tell me which member of 5sos is most likely to do it.

Okay número uno : Most likely to get arrested? And for what?

2: Most likely to go goth? 😂😂

3: most likely to date a fan?

4: most likely to put their child up for adop 😂😂 see what I did there 😂 (you would have to watch the YouTube video of them reading fan mail to get it)

5. Most likely to go solo? 😭

Ayeee that's like 8 chapters tonight 👏 not too bad.

Comment who you think it is.

QOTC: what do you want to be when you grow up?

Me- I have my heart set on being a lawyer (even though I'm only 14) haha

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