Part 36:

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Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days, I've been busy with testing and shit.

Yesterday my kitten died and she was only 8 months old 😭
She was my favorite pet too
(Btw don't mind me in the picture I'm just weird like that)

Anyway I'm not going to school today so I'll prob update again later.

Who does your makeup?😂
(Bc me and my friends did blindfolded makeovers and it was not pretty😂)

Aries- Ashton

Taurus- Luke

Gemini- Calum

Cancer- Luke

Leo- Michael

Virgo- Michael

Libra- Calum


Saggitarius- Luke

Capricorn- Calum

Aquarius- Luke

Pices- Michael

So who did you get? I got luke.

Random question.. what are your opinions on luke and Miranda or that girl at the bar.

Also opinions on Ashton and bryana?

I've been thinking about it lately and I hate thinking about the fact that Ashton may have a girlfriend.

And in not gonna trash Bryana on here or anything but I don't really think she's good enough for him tbh.

Yeah she freaking gorgeous and has a body but Idkk I feel like that's why he's dating her (if he even is)

Also yesterday in computer I looked up 5sos to put a new background and it came up with some shit about the luke struggling to keep the band together bc of them breaking their no gfs rule?? Tf you mean bitch. it also said that calum has a gf?? Wtf I knew nothing about this. so if any of you do know something please comment.

Anyway I'm gonna stop now bc I don't want to keep going on and on and boring you all.

QOTC: Who are your fav artists?

My answer: 5sos, one direction, rixton, Ariana grande, Justin Bieber, atl, Panic! At the disco, jack and jack, Shawn mendes, the cab, greenday, blink-182, nicleback, Selena gomez, Demi lavoto, and there's probably a ton more that I'm forgetting.


Ik a lot of people don't like Justin or whatever but I do, so keep the hate comment to yourself please 💕

TYSM for 26K ily 😊💕🙈


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