Goodnight note xx

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So this isn't an actual update 😁 sorry don't hate me ( don't know when I'll have time to update again so so sorry I've been loaded with exams for like almost a month now and I am finishing my maths keystone tm ugh)

I'm really stressed 😤

Before we start can we just take a second to look at how freaking amazing luke looks in this picture I found on tumblr omf literally the only words I can express.

But I just wanted to take a second to say how amazing you guys are, I just reached 44k readers and a spot in #411 in teen fiction and that's amazing for me.

Literally every time I log on here I have over 50 notifications and immediately smile.

I can rant all I want on here and you guys listen and comment back with opinions and it's amazing 💕

So that's my short goodnight/good morning not to you all depending on where you live.

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