Part 50:

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Who dedicates a song to you while performing on stage?

Aries 》Ashton

Taurus 》Luke

Gemini 》Michael

Cancer 》Calum

Leo 》Ashton

Virgo 》Michael

Libra 》Luke

Scorpio 》Calum

Sagittarius 》Ashton

Capricorn 》Michael

Aquarius 》Luke

Pisces 》Ashton

So who'd you guys get?
I got Luke :)

I'm so close to 100k omg I only need about 400 more reads. If I woke up to that inThe morning that would be awesome.

Okay so I was at my friends house sleeping over and we stayed up all night watching pll and omg I've been having like hallucinations all day.... Like I'm imagining myself as Hanna it's so weird idk how to explain it. 36 hours without sleep is not healthy I need to go to bed lol it's 1am here xD

QOTC: what are some of your fav tv shows?

My answer: Pll, Teen wolf, Chasing life, Young and hungry, the royals, king of queens(it's an older show but it's rlly funny) oh and the middle lol

Love you all byeeee :*

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