Part 87:

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He looks so good in this picture I'm crying acid 😍

Who tutors you in French?

Aries ~ Michael

Taurus ~ Luke

Gemini ~ Calum

Cancer ~ Ashton

Leo ~ Calum

Virgo ~ Luke

Libra ~ Michael

Scorpio ~ Michael

Sagittarius ~ Ashton

Capricorn ~ Calum

Aquarius ~ Luke

Pisces ~ Michael

You guys probably hate me rn because I haven't updated in a month yikes...sorry?

I'm not even gonna try and come up with an excuse because tbh.... I don't have one xD

What do you guys think of Hey Everybody??

Love love love <3

5sos covering drown by bmth brought tears to my eyes aghhhh, I don't even know why. I think it's because I can relate so much to the song.

QOTC: What's your favorite song 5sos have released off the new album?

Me- I don't really have one they're all amazing but I really like Jet Black Heart <33

Love you!

Thank you so freaking much for 200k reads!!!!!!!

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