Part 49:

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Hello beautiful people around the world!

It's 3am here and I can't sleep so I decided to update for y'all.

But this chapter is gonna be a would you rather since the last time I did that I got a shitload or reads and comments.

So without further ado....

1.) Would you rather....

Go to Disney World with Ashton?
Go to Disney world with Luke?

2.)Would you rather marry Calum but never get intimate with him?
Kiss Luke once?

3.) Go to a concert of your choice with Luke?

4.) Get noticed by Michael?
Get noticed by Ashton?

5.) Watch a horror movie with Ashton?
Watch a comedy movie with Calum?

6.) Would you rather have a pillow fight with Cake
Have a pillow fight with Mashton?

7.) Would you rather have a snowball fight with Malum?
Have a snowball fight with Lashton?

8.) Would you rather never get noticed on Twitter?
Have your fav burn you on Twitter?

9.) Would you rather kiss 4/4 on the cheek?
Kiss your fav on the lips?

10.) Would you rather make out with Ashton
Make out with Calum

11.) Would you rather spend the day eating pizza and cuddling with Lucas
Playing video games with Michael?

12.) Would you rather be stuck on an island with Calum
Be stuck on an island with Ashton

13.) Would you rather get unfollowed by one of the boys on Twitter?
Get called out by one of the boys?

14.) Would you rather never get to meet 5sos?
Never get to see them in concert?

15.) Would you rather never be able to look at 5sos
Never be able to hear their music?

16.)Would you rather have 2/4 dis you
Have your fav dis you?

17.) Pull an all nighter with Calum

18.) Lick whipped cream of of Luke's face
Luke lick whipped cream of of your face?

19.) Get high with Cashton
Get drunk with Muke?

20.) Have a one night stand with Ashton
Make out with him twice?

21.) Go on a cruise with Calum

22.) sing a duet with Michael?

23.) Play soccer with Calum
Play video games with Michael?

24.) Michael buy you a kitten
You buy Michael a kitten?

25.) Meet your fav
Get 5/4 follows on Twitter?

That's all the questions I could think of as of now lovelies I'm actually getting a slight bit tired yay! Maybe I can actually fall asleep.

Okay so now be prepared for a mini freak out from me rn :*

Sooooooo I was at sots ( If you haven't heard of it it was this big concert with Shawn Mendes, Fifth Harmony, Jack and Jack, Jacob Whitesides, R5, and Sabrina Carpenter) with my best friends on Sunday and it was amazing omg but the best part was I was literally 5 feet away from 5h omg.

So me and my friends looked down to see security clearing a path, so we decided to run down there and here fifth harmony came walking down shooting out beach balls and omg it was amazing. Also I'm in a selfie with Shawn on Insta even tho I'm in the way way way back and you can't even see me lol I know I'm there xD

Anyway just wanted to share that soz 😁

QOTC: Have you met any of the boys?

2QOTC: Have you ever been noticed by the boys on Twitter?

Me: No and no :'(

Anyway gtg I'm falling asleep as I'm writing this last part goodnight loves

I love you!

I'm almost at 100k! It would be amazing to achieve that by the end of tm <3

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