Part 65:

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Who shows up at your 5sos fan meet up

Aries ~ Ashton

Taurus ~ Your fav

Gemini ~ Luke

Cancer ~ Luke

Leo ~ Michael

Virgo ~ Ashton

Libra ~ CALUM

Scorpio ~ CALUM

Sagittarius ~ Michael

Capricorn ~ Cashton

Aquarius ~ 4/4

Pisces ~ Muke

Hellooooo me again!

So what if I told you my surprise is that I have 35 updates for you tonight?

Yes I mean 35 it's not a typo :)

I really want to reach 100 parts because you guys have been the best readers ever. You comment and vote like crazy and I love it!

Some of the updates might not have any QOTC's because I'm trying to get this done as quickly as possible. :)

I was planning on posting them all together but it's taking sooooo long. I have 18 done now and I'm going to publish them. Expect the rest some time tonight

Get ready for the 100th part 😝😝 its gonna be epic!!

Love youuuuu

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