Part 88:

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Mah real otp right there (top or side) mwahahahahha xD

Who you meet first?

Aries 》Ashton

Taurus 》Luke

Gemini 》Michael

Cancer 》Michael

Leo 》Calum

Virgo 》Calum

Libra 》Luke

Scorpio 》Ashton

Sagittarius 》Luke

Capricorn 》Michael

Aquarius 》Calum

Pisces 》Michael

Hellooooooooo lovelies!!!!!

I'm in a super good mood right now!! I just ordered my SLFL tickets and aghhhh I'm screaming!! I'm so excited only like 250 days xD IM SO EXCITED!!

Has anyone ever been to sound check and can explain it to me? I've heard it's awesome so I got them but I wanna know full details xD

QOTC: Who's planning on going to SLFL and if so, where?

Me- Hershey! Message me if your going :-)

Love you! I'm almost at 230k that's insane!!!!! Thank you thank youu 

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