Part 51:

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(I'm v late Ik)

Who you go to a barbecue with:

Aries 》Luke

Taurus 》Calum

Gemini 》Michael

Cancer 》Ashton

Leo 》Calum

Virgo 》Michael

Libra 》Luke

Scorpio 》Luke

Sagittarius 》Ashton

Capricorn 》Michael

Aquarius 》Ashton

Pisces 》Luke

I hope you all had a wonderful day!

I did, I hung out with my family all day and we got some illegal fireworks and set them off, it was amazing

I just wanna say you guys are so freaking amazing! I reached 100k this morning and it brought me tears no lie. I love you all so much and all your adorable comments. I've literally read all 5,000 of them xD

QOTC: Who's your brotp in the band?

Me- either Lashton or cake <3

Love you all tons! ❤️

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