Part 22:

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Where calum takes you in spring break 🌸

Aries 》Florida

Taurus 》Brazil

Gemini 》Italy

Cancer 》Jamaica

Leo 》Australia

Virgo 》New Mexico

Libra 》England

Scorpio 》New York

Sagittarius 》Washington DC

Capricorn 》Cali

Aquarius 》Tokyo

Pisces 》Las Vegas

Ayeeee another chapter 🙅

What did you get?I got Tokyo🐼🇯🇵
こんにちわ !ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

QOTC: what's your fav outfit of calum? I like beanie cal pal 🙊❤️😍

Comment some ideas 🙊 if Ya have any :)

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