Part 91:

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A moment of silence for this picture agagsgsgsgsgsshksndbs

Who's your date to the AMA's?
(I remember doing this part a year ago when they were at the AMA's aghhh)

Aries- Michael

Taurus- Ashton

Gemini- CALUM

Cancer- CALUM

Leo- Luke




Sagittarius- Luke



Pices- Ashton

Hellooooo wonderful people all around the world!!

I'm hella bored right now aghh someone text me xD

So I was wondering if I made an extra snapchat if you guys would want to add it? Idk the idea came to mind last night. Like I could post little random rants that only you guys would understand and idk y'all can snapchat me too if you want xD. I'll probably reply to all of them BC like I have no life... This is my life xD Anyway just comment if you'd add it or not and if enough people will I'll create one tonight and post the username. :)

One another note this whole week for me is packed with finals! Ugh help!!

My school is really weird like I change classes 3 times in one year and have to take finals like every 12 weeks...?

Buttttttt have any of you heard that 5SOS is now in 1st place for MTVStars???? HELL YEAH!! We were the first to pass Lady Gaga the whole race! Let's hope we can keep our streak up.

I literally found out 1st period in health right when it happened and had to fight back the urge to cry because ahh I've voted over 1,000 times now! I was voting when they were at 20th and now we got them all the way up to 1st!! I'm so happy/proud!

Anyway I love you all and hope you enjoyed the chapter ! xx

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