Part 58:

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Who takes you on stage and sings to you?

Aries: Michael

Taurus: Luke

Gemini: Calum

Cancer: Calum

Leo: Luke

Libra: Michael

Virgo: Calum

Scorpio: Luke

Sagittarius: Michael

Capricorn: Michael

Aquarius: Luke

Pices: Luke

So I didn't put Ashton because he's the drummer and that would be kind of weird I don't know. Even though I love his voice 😍

I got this idea from last night at my concert with Ariana grande and Prince Royce and in the beginning Prince Royce picked a random girl in the crowd and sang a love song to her. It was so cuteee he was hugging her and he kissed her on the cheek and everything omg.

The concert was just overall amazing! Even though it started pouring rain and I had no jacket or anything but I actually thought it was really fun.

We had to take two breaks due to technical difficulties and go under the stands. The first time Ari begged the stage guy to let her stay she just kept saying "please please please" the second time she started crying awe! She apologized many times on Twitter and called it her most memorable show yet. I felt special even though she'll prob say that at her next show.

QOTC: have any of you guys been to any shows in the honeymoon tour or are going? If so comment your date and how your experience was.

Me- March 10th in Pittsburgh and July 26th in Hershey. They were both amazing shows.

Love you all!

Btw when I logged on to wattpad I had 1K notifs! Damn!! Love y'all lots <3

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