Thank you 5sos! xx

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Hey guys!

Sorry this isn't an update, I might post an update later tonight if I have the time, if not, then tomorrow.

So I got an idea off vine to make an edit that I can post on my YouTube channel and I want you guys to be apart of it.

Okay so I need you guys to answer a few questions.

You can either send me a video message on Twitter (@basicalyalyssa) or post it in the comments.

Along with the answer post your name, age, and where you are from :) (you don't have to post all of your not comfortable but at least a first name maybe?)

Okay so if you had the chance to meet they guys, what would you say to them?

How have they impacted your life?

If some of you could send video messages of you saying your response that would be really cool too and would look great in the video! But it's completely up to you :)

I love you all xx

Thank you!!

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