23. Who's Going

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Annoyed, Diego turns his back on the two again. He rushes out of Five's bedroom. "If you can't be of any help, then I'll look for her again."

"Wait!" Elisa calls, remembering something. "I've seen her."

Without any hesitation, Diego returns to the room, the fire in his eyes is back again. "You lying-"

"Not in real life," Elisa adds quickly, remembering the dream from last night at the commission. "I've dreamt about her last night."

"A dream." Diego doesn't hide the irritation that's rising inside of him. "A fucking dream."

"It's better than nothing!" Elisa snaps at him. "Plus, she was asking me for help."

"Help?" Five echoes.

"Yes." Elisa nods. "The dream started in a different way. . ." Elisa continues, doubting whether to tell the two about Five in her dream. She decides not to. "But then she was suddenly there. She was begging for me to help her. I forgot-I didn't think anything of it. Do you think it has something to do with her disappearance?"

Five shrugs. "It seems unlikely, but you don't know how powerful you exactly are. Maybe . . ."

"Maybe," Elisa whispers quietly.

Take her, too.

Elisa, you've got to help me!

"The handler." Elisa's eyes widen. The two men's eyes fall on her immediately. "I think she's at the commission!"

"Why would she be there?" Diego asks her before Five can

"When the handler picked me up after . . ." The two understand what she's saying. Their face falls even more as they both look at their feet. "She said 'take her, too.' That means they had someone else. And . . ."

"And?" Five asks.

"The handler really did push me to stop you from giving me the serum," Elisa says. "I could be wrong, but it seemed as if she wanted me out of the commission."

Five remembers everything well. He tried to convince this girl not to continue her plan. He tried to keep her alive-and at the same time the handler only pushed her out of the commission.

"I'm going to there," Five tells the two, ready to spatial jump-

"No." Elisa shakes her head. "I will."

Still annoyed, Diego rolls his eyes. "Talk it out," he tells Elisa and Five. "I'm going to try and regroup the family. Don't leave before we've talked with the whole family."

"Sure," Five mumbles, narrowing his eyes at Elisa.

A chuckle escapes Diego's lips when he notices the tension between the two. He takes his chance, and leaves the room, closing the door loudly behind him.

"I'm going," Five tells Elisa, still glaring at her. In response, Elisa narrows her eyes at him, too.

"Oh please, Five," Elisa groans. "The handler will expect me to come back. She thinks I'm still pissed at you-"

"You aren't going there again. I won't allow you putting yourself in danger again." Five growls, his breathing becoming heavier with each second that passes.

Elisa approaches him until their lips are just inches away from each other. Both still glaring, they stay like this.

"Danger is nothing against me . . ." Elisa whispers, her eyes flickering to Five's lips. When her eyes lock with his once again, her hands place themselves on his chest. His eyes darken.

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