19. The Serum

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Elisa's eyes fly open. Her breathing is quick, and she can feel herself shaking horribly. She doesn't remember what she dreamt about. She doesn't want to remember.

"Elisa?" a soft voice sounds next to her. A gasp leaves her lips, shocked. Her head turns to face Five. He's next to her, in the bed, too.  His eyes are upon her, and his brows are furrowed. "What's wrong?"

"Nightmare. . ." she manages to say. Her eyes stay on Five in awe. Did she dream all this? Did she dream about Five leaving her? Did she dream that Morgana has died? Is that why she's shaking? Elisa forces herself to forget about all the worries that are troubling her because she's with Five now. He's here with her.

A soft, reassuring smile comes on Five his lips, making Elisa's heart swell. It was just a nightmare. He's here now. His dark brown eyes are on her. When he reaches out to grab her by her waist, Elisa's stomach flips. He pulls her close to him, and then covers her bare shoulders with the soft blanket.

"My Elisa," he whispers as Elisa presses her hands against his chest, feeling his heartbeat once again. He's alive. He's here. "Why did you do it?"

Elisa's eyes widen, and she looks up at him. His warm and gorgeous eyes are now cold, icy. A shiver goes down her spine.

"What?" she asks him. "What did I do?"

"Why did you chose someone that betrayed you over my family and I who accepted you?" Elisa's breathing quickens when she replays what he said in her head. Did it happen?

"I-" Elisa doesn't manage to get out more. Tears sting in her eyes. Her hands start to shake once again, but this time against Five's chest. When feeling that, he looks down at her hands. He rolls his eyes, and Elisa 's hands move away immediately, leaving Five's chest.

"We accepted you," Five growls at her.

"I know, Five," Elisa cries, starting to crawl away a little from him. "But I had to try-"

"You decided to ruin the mission!"

"But I didn't." Elisa looks down. "Morgana is dead. Luther made sure of that. And I won't apologize for trying to save Mor. I regret nothing."

"And you think we'll be satisfied with an apology?" Five's head cocks to the side, and an evil smile comes upon his lips, causing Elisa to crawl away even more. "Why do you think I came here, Elisa?"

Elisa doesn't know. Surely he didn't come here to reassure her and welcome her back. She ruined everything for that. Why is he here?

Five jumps out of the bed, turning his back on Elisa who's still shaking while watching him with wide eyes. His fingers touch the lamp on the bedside table as the evil smile grows. He grabs a jacket that's laying on the ground. It's his, Elisa notices. Avoiding Elisa's eyes, he puts on the jacket. Slowly, both his hands get put in the pockets.

Elisa's confusion grows when she realizes that she has seen this action before. Her eyes narrow when Five takes something out of his pocket. Oh, she most certainly remembers this.

A gun is now in his hand. Five's fingers fold around the grip tightly while slowly turning around. When his eyes fall on Elisa, he stops turning. Normally Elisa would attack or flee, but now, she doesn't know what to do. Actually, she can't do anything. She sits there, frozen on the bed.

A gasp leaves her lips when a click sounds.

"Five, don't do this-" she speaks up, her voice trembles. "You don't have to do this."

"We never wanted your idiotic apology," he tells her in a serious tone. "We wanted revenge."

"For what?" Elisa asks loudly. "I did not succeed! Morgana is dead!"

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