21. Ma Petite

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Elisa won't miss the commission, the constant reminder of being a murderer. She won't miss the nightmares that come almost every night.  She won't miss the handler coming after her. She won't miss the regret of not being able to control her powers.

She will miss never feeling vulnerable. She'll miss Five's soft touches and kisses. She'll miss the way his eyes would lock with hers. She'll miss how his arms curled around her waist. She'll miss him. Of course, She won't know him, so she won't be able to actually miss him.

She'll miss the happiness that Klaus always radiates. She'll miss Allison's kindness. She'll miss Vanya. The two understood each other-especially the need to protect Five.

Elisa will miss so much more, but she shakes the thoughts out of her head. She's going to do this. She must. Her parents deserve to live. They deserve a long and happy life-the one she took from them. She's going to fix her mistake, and no one will ever know.

The blue light fades away, and her stomach turns when she takes in the room. The warm tints that always made her feel at home. The breathtaking paintings her mothed used to make on the walls-everywhere, actually.

The hair on Elisa's neck stands up when she hears a baby's cry. It's hers. Immediately, Elisa crosses the living room. There's no time to look around now. She has a job to do. She must protect the baby from Number Five. She must protect herself from Number Five.

Elisa walks through the hall. Her parents haven't woken up . . . yet. They will if Elisa doesn't make the baby-herself-shut up. Fortunately, she knows the way very well. Elisa walks through the house like she has actually grown up in here.

Her head peeps through the door of her old room, and yes, there lays a baby in her cradle. It's incredibly weird to realize that it's her. Not some baby, but really her. In awe, Elisa approaches the cradle.

The baby watches her with wide eyes. She doesn't recognize Elisa, of course. She doesn't realize it's actually her from the future. Then the baby starts crying again-no, screaming.

Immediately, Elisa's eyes widen. "Shhh," she whispers quietly. "It's okay, little o-" Elisa stops herself. She will not use the nickname the handler gives her. This baby should never hear it. If everything goes right, the baby never will.

Unfortunately, the baby doesn't stop. She screams loudly, not caring one bit about Elisa's attempts to comfort her.

"Oh, come on." Elisa sighs. "I'm here to save your fucking life. If you keep on yelling, you will ruin your own life."

The cry doesn't lessen even a little.

"Was I always this annoying?" Elisa mumbles quietly. "It's a miracle that the handler hasn't beheaded me."

"Elisa a réveillé." Another voice joins in. Elisa recognizes it immediately.

"Mom," she whispers to herself. Her eyes fall on the baby again. "Do not give me away," she threatens the baby-herself. "Do you understand me? Do not-"

The door cracks open.

Quickly, Elisa jumps away from the cradle and the baby in it. She bends through her knees, and starts crawling to the closet.

"Oh, Elisa," Elisa's mother whispers softly. "You've got to sleep a little longer, ma joie."

Elisa's heart swells, and she can feel herself tearing up. She had no memories of her mother, and now she's hearing her voice. 'Ma joie', she called her. It doesn't take long until Elisa's cheeks are wet.

When Elisa's mother takes the baby-Elisa-in her arms, the crying stops. Elisa watches her mother through the tiny opening of the closet. She watches how her mother twirls around with the baby in her arms without showing a sign of tiredness. The smile on her lips never fades-not even a little.

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