10. Surprise

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The light blinds Elisa. She suspects there's also a lot of heat, but she doesn't feel a thing. At least something handy about her abilities.

The woman doesn't get hurt-and that surprises Elisa. The last time she used her powers both her mother and father exploded. Now it's only the windows that shattered and the walls that have fallen down because of explosions.

"Stop this!" the woman hisses aggressively. "It won't matter if your the handler's personal assassin if you do this! You will get locked up! If not killed!"

The color drains from Elisa's face when the woman starts to talk about the handler. She can't come. She can't face her.

This is the factor that finally makes sure that Elisa can slow her breathing again. She can feel her body relax, and she can feel the monster leave her once again.

The woman watches her carefully. Her eyes can every detail of Elisa's panicked face. That's why Elisa has to pretend that this wasn't an accident.

"Next time..." Elisa thinks back of what she told Hazel just a few minutes ago. "Next time you won't be spared. I'll promise you that." A gasp fills Elisa's ears, telling her that it worked. "And oh- don't tell anyone about this. You know by now that you don't want to see me angry again." In reality, Elisa just doesn't want the handler to know about this incident because she knows Elisa would never use her powers. That'll only make this situation even worse.

The woman nods quietly, and then she retreats, keeping her eyes carefully on Elisa. When her back presses against the door leading to the crowded hallway, she turns around hastily, and exits.

Elisa is alone now.

There are no sounds next to the howling wind. It's dark, even though there are lights. It's a horrifying place to be, especially when someone is being questioned. Some assassins are that blood-thirsty that they can be cruel. No one wants to be in this hallway because the screams that sound here are traumatising.

Another shiver goes through Elisa's whole body, but not because she's cold. No, it's the fact that Elisa has been here before. She has heard te screams. And now she's imagining Morgana's screams.

Her eyes narrow immediately. She concentrates on her goal, and quickens her pace once again. No one is here to spot her. She's alone, and she's ready.

When she's in front of the door, she doesn't hesitate. It's locked; Elisa has already tried to open it. So Elisa prepares herself to knock in the door.

She knows what she has to do; she's got to aim for the locking mechanism, but she can't kick the knob. That'll only twist her ankle. She needs to get her foot as close to the knob as she can, though.

Before starting the action, Elisa breathes in and out. She can do this. She knows she can.

Then she launches her feet at the door, at the space next to the knob, using all the power left in her after the incident. It works; the door flies open with a bang. Right now it's a good thing that people are used to the disturbing and weird sounds here.

A relieved smile comes upon her lips when she walks through the frame. But she has used most of her energy now. Using her horrible abilities drained her, and so did all the tiny actions such as climbing the tree and kicking this door in. So if a fight would happen, then Elisa won't win. That's a fact.

Elisa looks inside the chamber. It's mostly empty, that is next to the cage and single chair that's standing in the middle of it. The cage is dark. When you're standing a step away from the door, then you can't see who's in it, or if someone is in it. The handler wanted that, so people entering this room for other reasons aren't too shocked when they see the condition the prisoner is in. Oh, there are some weapons hanging on the walls, too: some knives, an axe, a cutlass, and a single gun. Assassins that use weapons in here don't like to use guns to force answers out. They want the person to suffer. A gun would be too quick. Knives work better for that part.

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