7. The Toddler Who Killed Her Family

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The clothes fit well. They smell of dust, but it's all right for now. That isn't Elisa's problem. Getting them on was. It hurt.

It's been a few minutes since Five left. She has heard a familiar sound while he was gone. A too familiar sound. Five got his next order. His next person to kill.

After that sound, it did not take long for him to enter the bedroom again. Elisa wants to ask him. She wants to know who he's going to kill. But that's not what's important right now.

She still has to find out where Morgana is.

"You're looking rather shaky," she says, making Five look at her. His hands are indeed shaking softly.

"The clothes are fitting well," He ignores her comment. He then slowly slenters to the seat where Elisa's seated once again. "Tell me, are you going to bother me again after today?"

There's more behind that question. That's as clear as it can be.

"Probably," Elisa shrugs. "I'll stop the moment you tell me where Mor is, though."

"Right," he smiles softly. "Morgana, the girl."

Five doesn't sit down next to her, instead he walks to the backside of the seat. Just when he's directly behind Elisa, he stops.

"What if I tell you something else," he says, leaning his arms on the back of the seat. He closes the space that's between their faces drastically, and Elisa stops breathing for a second. "There's no way you can help her anymore."

Elisa's eyes widen. She flinches away from him. It doesn't take long until she standing again, not bothering to even groan in pain from her wound.

"I'll do whatever I can to get her back," she tells Five in a low tone, meant to threaten him. "I only need her location, and then I'll be off. It's that fucking simple."

"You're wrong there," Five points his finger at her, seeming rather amused.

The mood has changed enormously. Both know and can feel it. There's danger in the air. The rivalry is back.

"That isn't fucking simple," he touches his lips. "I can't give you the location."

"Then I will continue bothering you. I will do absolutely everything in my power to stop you from killing anyone. That is, until you tell me where Morgana Davis is."

"In your state? You won't be able to stop even a single thing. You'll be moaning in pain, and then you'll cry when someone dies." he growls.

How quick things have changed.

"You think I won't be able to handle the pain?" she exclaims, finding this hilarious. "Oh, please. I've been raised with pain. I've learned to control pain. Pain does not bother me anymore."

A chuckle escapes Five's lips. He does not believe her.

Elisa would jump at him right now. She would if she had a handy weapon. But she does not. No knife. Nothing.

He probably does, though. His room is probably full of weapons. Hidden weapons. She only has to find one.

But she has to buy herself more time to do so.

"Tell me," she starts while her eyes drift off into the room. She takes in every single detail, such as the pillows of the bed that could easily be filled with a knife each. That might be it. But that's not Five's way of murdering.

He slits throats sometimes, yes. But he prefers to kill by putting a bullet through someone's body.

Where could he hide guns in this tiny room?

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