1. The assassin

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We live in a world where people with special abilities are born. We live in a world where those people have to hide for what they're capable of.

Elisa Brookle is one of them, and having to stay hidden, she's forced to stay in the shadows as the blood splutters out of the man's mouth as he falls to his knees. When another second passes, he falls on the ground, and his face lands in a rain puddle. The water colors ruby red, making Elisa who's been watching everything since the very start want to look away.

But she does not.

She continues to watch the scene in front of her. She's been trained to be able to handle these situations, she knows that, but her stomach still turns every time a lifeless body falls down. Every time a person gets robbed of their life.

She's seen it too much. She's seen too much death already. Especially with her parents murdered when she was just a toddler. But here's the weird thing;

she was the murderer.

Oh, yes. Shocking, is it not? Elisa Brookle has been a murderer almost her entire life. She might not have meant her parents' death to happen, but it did. She only wanted those cookies on the counter so badly, but it did happen.

There she was, a two year old girl, sitting next to her parents' corpses. No neighbor came looking for her. No, they didn't care. No other family came, even if it was just to visit. Nobody noticed that her parents didn't respond to any messages, or didn't leave the house anymore. Nobody even noticed that they didn't arrive at work.

the two year old girl, of course, didn't think about that back then. She did not think that it was strange. Nobody cared. Nobody wondered where the happy family went. But now it's all so clear.

A woman with strange clothes and with the special hats that always gave Elisa a peculiar feeling was the only one that came looking for her. She took her in, trained her to become a true assassin -a very good one, too-, and cared for her. The handler, Elisa calls the woman. Even though the handler wanted Elisa to call her mom or mother, Elisa did not and never would.

She had a mother. God knows what happened to her parents after she got taken by the handler. Elisa doesn't know where they're buried. . . if they're even buried. Their bodies might as well have been dumped on the side of the road on some never-used road. But she had a mother and father. She would not replace them, even though she doesn't remember anything but the stories that have been told by others.

Elisa knows it was the handler who made sure no one came looking for her mother and father, or even her. She knows because the handler told her on her twelfth birthday. She suspected it, but never dared to ask the woman about it.

"Why?" Elisa had asked the handler.

"Because you would've gone to some boring and awful orphanage, little one," the handler had responded.

This was not the real answer.

The handler could lie like the best, but Elisa always knows when she does. So she asked another question, "You only took me away from there because you needed an assassin that you could trust completely. One that would follow every order because you raised her. Tell me that that isn't true, and look me in the eye while you do so."

The handler lied.

"I took you because I wanted to help you," the handler had said. "I care for you like a daughter. Yes, I've trained you to be an assassin, but only because you'll be able defend yourself. You'll never feel vulnerable or weak again, little one."

The first bit might've been true. Elise does think that the handler cares for her like a daughter. But the last part was most certainly a lie. She needed Elisa. She needed an assassin to do every job without a question.

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