11. The Apocalypse

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People change, and Morgana certainly did change. Not only her looks and voice have changed, but Elisa knows what effect the commission has on persons. It changes you completely. Every single detail about you.

"You thought I needed rescuing?" Morgana finally speaks up after realizing that Elisa couldn't talk anymore. Hell, she couldn't even open her mouth properly. "Did you really think I was as weak as you? No, Elisa. I would never leave this place."

The words sting. Morgana knows that Elisa has been using a fake name for the whole time. And Morgana knows everything about Elisa's history. How that must've hurt her.

"I'm not weak." Tears are threatening to spill out of Elisa's eyes. She can't watch this any longer. Morgana now stands next to the handler. Both have an evil smile on their lips, making Elisa want to run. She wants to go.

"But you did flee the commission?" Mor asks.


"Then you're a coward, Elisa."

Even her honor doesn't interest Elisa anymore, she lets the tears roll down her cheeks. They're wet-stained in just a few seconds. With a broken heart, Elisa keeps on watching Morgana.

"What have they done to you?" Her lips tremble. Her hands are shaking. In fact, her whole body is shaking. It's as if she can fall on her knees any second now. But she mustn't.

Everyone can see that Elisa is beyond weak right now. Plus, if there would come a fight, then it would be three against one. Not a fair fight.

"They taught me how to be strong." Morgana rolls her eyes at the trembling Elisa. The tears are still streaming down her cheeks, but no sound fills anyone's ears. Elisa is silently crying.

"No." Elisa shakes her head, hoping that her voice won't fail her once again. "They might learn you how to fight and how to handle situations, but they only create monsters here, Mor."

Silence takes over. Not the handler nor Morgana says something. Five hasn't said anything since Morgana came into the room.

"They tried to make me a monster, too," Elisa continues. "I fled because I didn't want to kill. I fled because I wanted the chance to be human, to be kind. If I stayed, then it always would've been bloody knuckles, broken bones, and corpses."

"You were meant to be an assassin," Morgana says. "That was how it was supposed to be."

"I had the chance to be an assassin, yes. I could've had that life." Elisa nods. "But I chose not to live it."

"That makes you a coward." Morgana growls, surprising everyone in the room except the handler. The kind and sweet girl that was once there is gone, Elisa knows that. She has disappeared and will never come back, no matter how bad Elisa wishes she would.

"That makes me everything but a coward." Elisa growls back, starting to realize that this might be a hopeless case. "I had the strength to go into the unknown, into an unfamiliar world."

A sigh sounds next to Morgana, coming from the handler. All the eyes fall on her again.

"This is getting boring," she complaints. "Let's spice things up."

Elisa stiffens. If the fight comes now, she'll lose it. But she knows the handler; she likes action, always has.

"Clean up this mess, would you Five." The handler waves at him, and he goes to stand a step away from Elisa.

"Wait," Elisa stops the handler and Morgana from leaving the chamber. "Why have you done this to Morgana?"

An amused smile comes onto the handler's red lips. "Morgana is a very important factor in the future, Elisa. And unlike you, she knows when she's important and needed."

"What part?"

The handler doesn't answer. Instead she thinks for a few seconds, the frown on her face shows that. Just after thirty seconds, she seems to know what to answer. Before opening her mouth, she glances quickly at Five next to Elisa.

"The apocalypse."

"What are you talking about?" Elisa asks, bewildered.

"The end of the world is coming, Elisa," the handler explains with a serious expression upon her face. "But don't worry, sweetheart. You're allowed to stay here and stay alive. The downside is: you'll be locked up."

Locked up in the commission. Elisa loathes the idea of it. She wouldn't wish that to anyone. Well, that's not exactly right. True murderers deserve it. Psychopaths, and other horrible persons, but is she one of them? She has killed, yes. But she felt bad every single day of her whole life. Surely she doesn't deserve that.

She knows why the handler wants her locked up. Because Elisa has been working on her nerves, especially after breaking in and destroying one of the commission's wings. Revenge plays a huge role in it, too.

"What role plays Morgana in causing the end of the world?" Elisa speaks up before Five can step any closer to her.

"She is the cause, Elisa."

Elisa's jaw drops, but she recovers herself quickly. The handler and Morgana look happy with how she reacts. Their teeth-showing smiles are certainly not something that Elisa will forget.

"Let us continue with our plans for today now," the handler says. "I changed my mind, Morgana put her in the cage."

"The cage?" Elisa exclaims, already preparing herself to try and stop whatever happens next. The handler only nods.

With an excited and evil smile on her lips, Morgana leaves the handler's side and approaches Elisa.

How is this possible, Elisa thinks as she watches Morgana carefully. How can the kindest girl in the world become like this? It's Elisa's fault. She didn't run fast enough. She wasn't in time. This thought makes her hands shake again. Fresh tears come.

"Why this cage?" Five finally speaks up. It's the first sentence he has said ever since Morgana has entered the room.

"Because I said so." The handler tilts her head, curious.

Morgana ignores Five protest, and she continues walking towards her girlfriend-if that's what they still are. Her eyes are right on Elisa who's watching still Morgana. She's too shocked by what she has seen to react as the assassin she's trained to be.

When she feels finger touching the palm of her hand in a careful way, Elisa does stop looking at Morgana, the new assassin. With her eyes wide, she notices that Five Hargreeves is now standing next to her.

Still disgusted by the murderer, she slaps his hand away. "What are you doing!" she whispers angrily.

"I'm not holding your hand to get you through this, you idiot," he whispers back. "Hold my arm with both arms-now."

"Why would I do that?"

"Because I'm getting you out of here." It's a shock, but what's another surprise? Surely they will keep coming. Elisa doesn't even doubt. She doesn't have time to. Her hands curl themselves around Five's arm. Five his free arm protectively curls itself around Elisa's waist, making her roll her eyes at him-obviously.

The handler watches the situation that's happening in front of her.

"Step aside." Morgana orders Five while glaring at him.

He doesn't. He doesn't even move an inch.

"If you want Elisa, then you'll have to go through me." It surprises everyone in the room, even Five himself. But no one has any time to lose.

"Happily," Morgana whispers as another smile of hers comes on her lips. But this smile isn't one Elisa is used to. Mor's smiles used to be warm and true. The smiles here at the commission are fake. They're frightening and evil.

With a quick movement, Morgana reaches out to push Five away so that his grip on Elisa lessens. She fails because he's quicker. He's been trained long enough. That's why he also knows that he can't win this fight. Sure, he can win a fight against Morgana Davis, but not against the whole commission. There's only one option left: fleeing.

"Hold tight," he tells Elisa right before the blue light appears.

The two disappear immediately after.

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