20. Lies

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"Five was the one to give you the serum."

Elisa jumps on her feet, and her eyes widen. She flinches away from Five once again. Her eyes narrow, then. All the hope that was still left inside of her has disappeared. It's gone.

"Is that true?" Elisa asks him in an aggressive tone, but her voice breaks the moment she finishes the sentence.

"What?" Five's eyes fall on the handler.

"You were the one to give a baby a serum, were you not?" the handler asks him. "It hasn't been long, too. It was the first task I gave you when you returned to us."

His eyes widen immediately. He doesn't dare to look at Elisa.

"Was it you?" Elisa asks him.

His voice is barely audible for anyone when he answers. "Yes."

A gasp leaves Elisa's lips, and she stumbles backwards, landing with her back against the wall.

He was the one to give her these abilities. He was the one that made sure she murdered her parents. if he had not given her that serum, then she would've still had a family. She would've been happy together with her mother and her father. She wouldn't have been forced to become an assassin. She wouldn't have been forced to live a life she never wanted.

This life was never meant for her. Five was the one to change her fate, and give her a horrible future.

"You!" Elisa growls at him, remembering the hatred she once felt toward him very well. "You did this to me!"

Her eyes widen when she realizes that she can change this all. She can grab a time capsule, and she can time travel back to when Five gave her that shit. She can change her life.

"Do it." It's the handler's voice. "I want you to do what you are planning, little one."

"I'm not planning anything," Elisa replies stubbornly.

"Aren't you?" The handler laughs. "I know you, Elisa. And I want you to do it. Give yourself the life you deserve."

Images flash in front of Elisa's eyes. Dreams that she had as a kid. Dreams that can now become reality. She just has to do it.

"What are you going to do?" Five now does turn his head to face Elisa. Confusion radiating from him. Does he really not know?

"I'm going to save my parents."

Panic flashes in Five's eyes, but Elisa doesn't care. She knows the consequences. She'd change absolutely everything. If she never got these powers, then her parents will live. Five and her will never meet, but she'll never know he exists, too. Same goes for him. He won't know the girl that gave him hope for a future.

"I'm going to stop you from ever cursing me with these abilities." Elisa growls at him, finally having found a way to end this madness. She won't have to endure any awful training. No regret will haunt her for the rest of her life. She'll be normal. She will never find out about the group of assassins that call themselves the 'Commission" and the siblings that all have powers.

"You can't," Five tells her, panicking. His chest rises and falls rapidly. "My younger self will be there, Elisa."

"I'm not afraid of a fight."

"He won't let you stop him." Five puts his hands on Elisa's shoulders in an attempt to stop her from accepting the madness zooming around in her head. "He will stop you."

A grin lights up Elisa's face. Through all this madness, she's hopeful for a normal life.

"No." She shakes her head, still grinning. "He'll try to stop me. I'd like to see him try."

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