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Stuck With You | Five Hargreeves by EnemiesToLoversTrope
Stuck With You | Five Hargreevesby -A ☂️
What will happen when two 13-year-old kids who don't get along with each other get stuck in the apocalypse? ----------- [Frequent Updates] • All these characters and Th...
Wonder • Five Hargreeves by WordsOfTheWitch
Wonder • Five Hargreevesby Victoria
"We ask nicely!" "You have a knife." "Very nicely!" - All rights to Creators Love Story Warnings be Damned - SLOW BURN -
 Number five x reader😉 by kidkbutreadem
Number five x reader😉by getthatbagnleave😼💰
you're here so might as well read em🙈🙈
Ice Queen (Five Hargreeves) by therealdolores
Ice Queen (Five Hargreeves)by the ACTUAL dolores
"hey, that's one badass stapler." ✔️ number five fanfiction umbrella academy season one [lowercase intended] cover by @ssolarsystems
ZERO! the umbrella academy by itsrosiegold
ZERO! the umbrella academyby rosie
"How did things go so wrong?" He hesitantly placed his hand on my shoulder. "What can I do to make it better? To fix things between us?" I shrugged...
~Time~ The Umbrella Academy (complete) by Lizzie_AnneXoX
~Time~ The Umbrella Academy ( Lizzie_AnneXoX
'The only thing more precious than you is time my love' A number 5 fan fiction Season 1 is complete :)
Numer 8. The Rejected [[Five x reader]] by NgaTaniwha
Numer 8. The Rejected [[Five x Maori Smurf
number 8 was the most dangerous one out of the kids, since she has all of their powers and more. her 'father' decided that it would be best for her to use her dimensiona...
Atrocious a·tro·cious /əˈtrōSHəs/ Horrifyingly wicked
Five Fucking Hargreeves Smut Imagines by y0urL0calWh0re
Five Fucking Hargreeves Smut Saphira
"I don't THINK i'm better than you i KNOW i am" ____________________________________ ⚠️Mature warning⚠️ ____________________________________ [•Highest rankings...
scream ~ Five Hargreeves  by hopeful-bumble-bee
scream ~ Five Hargreeves by matilda
Everybody has secrets. And she was his. Ophelia was a muted soul. Ever since the dissapearence of Five she stopped using her powers. So they grew. And grew. But with the...
Open Up》Number 5 Fanfic by Kate-Milly
Open Up》Number 5 Fanficby Kate-Milly
On the 12th hour of the first day of October 1989, 43 women around the world gave birth. This was unusual only in the fact that none of these women had been pregnant whe...
Silver heart by Meg1302
Silver heartby Meg
What if 5 from the umbrella academy had a twin born less then a second after he was. What if she aged at a 3rd of the speed of a normal human. When she turns 10 not only...
Umbrella Academy x reader by 10writer
Umbrella Academy x readerby Rose GB
Imagine, instead of seven, Hargreaeves managed to adopt eight. However, like Number Five, Number eight went missing... Only to appear somewhere else. Question is, Will...
Rain & Ice by justreadkatie
Rain & Iceby justreadkatie
COMPLETE Y/n Hargreeves. Raised to control fire but born to control ice. Maybe. Dunno yet. Basically Season 1 FivexFem!Reader All characters belong to Gerard Way exc...
Number 8 by imthebxdguy
Number 8by imthebxdguy
October 1, 1989: 43 children were born under spontaneous circumstances. Sir Reginald Hargreeves attempted to adopt all of those children, but he only got eight. Follow M...
Number 8 ~ FivexOC by n0otn0ot
Number 8 ~ FivexOCby barely quinn
"you're weird... like me," "is that right, number five?" "it's why I like you, number eight" ~~~ Five Hargreeves X OC expect some violenc...
TUA fanfic- Most unlikely to like by ouatxwonder
TUA fanfic- Most unlikely to likeby ouatxwonder
"Summer Winters I despite you" "Five Hargreeves, I hate you more than unfinished equations"
Oh, Honey | {Diego Hargreeves} by emilysimps
Oh, Honey | {Diego Hargreeves}by emily !
"Y'know, being kind costs exactly zero dollars, Hargeeves?" "Whatever you say, Honey, whatever you say." THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY PRE-SEASON ONE / SEASO...
NOT OKAY || KLAUS HARGREEVES by iamyourcherrybomb
"AND NOW I'M LAUGHIN' THROUGH MY TEARS.. I'M CRYIN' THROUGH MY FEAR.." ******* Mr.Hargreeves had purchased 8 of the 43 babies born on October 1st...
Lotus |1| The Umbrella Academy  by itsanothernobody
Lotus |1| The Umbrella Academy by • amber •
"Look outside the box my friend, your heart's been dead since who knows when." The Umbrella Academy Season One No. 5 (1) Lotus (2) Golden Based off of Netflix...